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IMPORTANT CIVIL ENGINEERING INTERVIEW QUESTIONS & ANSWERS: What are the concrete tests? Slump test, Compressive strength test, water permeability test, Water absorption test.  What is least cover provided for different RCC Members? • Footing = 50 mm • Column = 40mm • Beam = 25mm • ...

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Materials Used In Bridge Construction

Materials Used In Bridge Construction: The various materials commonly used in bridge construction are as following: 1. Ordinary Rolled Steel: This material is used in rolled steel section such as buckled plates, corrugated plates, through plates, H-sections, I-sections, angles, ...

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Difference Between PERT And CPM

PERT and CPM are most commonly used methods for project management. In this article, I will discuss the differences between PERT and CPM. What Is PERT? PERT or Programme Evaluation and Review Technique is an event oriented method of network ...

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