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Difference Between Bridge And Culvert

Bridge: The drainage structure which facilitates a communication route for carrying road or railway traffic across an obstruction or depression with or without water is called a bridge. The route of communication may be railway, roadway, cycle track, foothpath, or ...

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Role Of A Quantity Surveyor

Role Of A Quantity Surveyor: Quantity surveyor calculates the cost by calculating the quantity of material required for any and every activity involved in construction. He is also involved in planning and contracting related job which is mainly ...

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Main Focal Points Of Civil Site Engineers

A civil engineer is a person who makes the environment more beautiful by various development activities. He is associated with all parts of development of a project. Sometimes the drawings from design office could not be executed at site ...

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Civil Engineering Interview Questions (Top 70)

Important Civil Engineering Interview Questions: 1. What is bending moment (BM) & Shear force (SF) - Explain. 2. What are the steps involved in the concreting process, explain? 3. Describe briefly the various methods of concrete curing. 4. What is the minimum ...

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