Which Cement Is Better – PPC Or OPC?

Which Cement Is Better – PPC Or OPC?

Well, Both types of cement are good in their own field of construction. The basic comparison of opc and ppc is described below.


OPC or ordinary portland cement is the basic type of cement which is used in all type of construction work. Basic properties of this cement are listed below:

1. This type of cement has adhesive and cohesive properties, therefore it forms a good bond with other materials.

2. This cement is comparatively finer and particles are very small.

3. It has low resistance to sulfate reaction.

4. This cement produces greater heat of hydration, therefore more concentrated curing is required.

5. The rate of gaining strength, drying shrinkage, and resistance to cracking of opc is moderate.

6. Mainly used in RCC buildings, pavements, culverts, tanks and all other structures where the heat of hydration will not cause any defect.


PPC means portland pozzolana cement. This cement is produced either by uniformly blending portland cement and fine pozzolana or by grinding portland cement clinker and pozzolana, The basic properties of this cement are given below:

1. This cement has lower heat of hydration and requires normal curing.

2. Initial strength is low but final strength is similar to opc33.

3. This cement has good resistance to chemical agencies.

4. It can also resist attack by sea water better than opc.

5. The rate of strength development is lower than opc.

6 This cement has same 7 days compressive value as opc.

7. This cement is suitable for hydraulic works, construction in sea water and for mass concrete works.

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