Compaction Factor Test

Workability Of Fresh Concrete By Compaction Factor Test:

compaction factor test
Compaction Factor Test Machine


The compaction factor test is carried out to measure the degree of workability of fresh concrete with regard to the internal energy required for compacting the concrete thoroughly.


1. Compaction Factor Machine,

2. Weighing Machine,

3. Steel Trowel Or Mechanical Vibrator.


1. Fill the upper hopper by pouring the concrete sample in it.

2. Open the hinged door at the lower end of the upper hopper allowing the concrete to fall into the lower hopper.

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2. Immediately open the gate of at the bottom of the lower hopper to allow the concrete to fall into the cylindrical mould.

3. Remove the excess concrete above the top level of the mould by using a trowel.

4. Take the weight of the cylindrical mould with concrete (partially compacted concrete) and find out the weight of the concrete ( W1).

5. Now remove the concrete from the mould and refill it with the same concrete sample in 5 cm layers.

6. Compact the each layer of the concrete fully by using a steel rod or mechanical vibrator. ( There should be no air voids present in the concrete)

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7. Now take the weight of the cylinder with concrete (Fully compacted concrete) and find out the weight of the concrete (W2).

8. Calculate the compaction factor by below given formula.


The compaction factor is calculated by dividing the value of partially compacted concrete by the value of fully compacted concrete.

i.e Compaction Factor = W1/W2


             Value Of Compacting Factor              Standard Of Workability
                             0.95                                   Good
                           0.92                                Medium
                           0.85                                   Low

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