Difference Between 43 Grade And 53 Grade Cement

Difference Between 43 Grade And 53 Grade Cement:

There are different types of cement used in construction works. Ordinary portland cement is most widely used cement among them. Portland cement is graded according to their strength where the grade denotes the compression strength of concrete that will achieve after setting of 28 days in MPa (Mega Pascals) or in N/mm2.

Compression Strength:

The compression strength of 43 grade cement is 43 MPa after 28 days of setting and the compression strength of 53 grade cement is 53 MPa after 28 days of setting.

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Initial Strength:

53 graded cement is mostly used in fast forward construction where initial strength needs to be achieved quickly.

53 grade cement has faster setting compared to 43 grade cement. Compression strength of 53 grade cement after 7 days is 27 MPa but 43 grade cement gets 23 MPa after 7 days.

Uses And Application:

As 53 grade cement has a faster setting, it is used where earlier strength development is required such as reinforced concrete structures, cement grouts, prestressed concrete structures of higher grades, instant plugging mortars etc.

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43 grade cement is used in non-RCC structures, plastering works, pathways etc where initial setting time is not a criteria.


Well, the prices of 43 and 53 grade cement vary from different brand to brand. Normally 53 grade cement is 3-4% costlier than 43 grade cement.

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