Difference Between Bridge And Flyover

Difference Between Bridge And Flyover:

Bridge and Flyover can be differentiated depending upon their function, purpose of usage and the location where it is built.


1. The drainage structure which facilitates a communication route for carrying road or railway traffic across an obstruction or depression with or without water is called a bridge.

2.. Bridge is a structure which is built over natural obstructions such as rivers, valleys to connect two locations separated by these obstructions.

3. Bridges are further classified on the basis of their purpose, lifespan, materials, span etc.

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4. Bridges are used for navigating traffic across the obstruction, to navigate pipelines and other forms of transport.


1. Flyover is an overpass, a high-level road bridge that crosses over a highway interchange or intersection.

2. It is a structure which joints two or more points which are separated by accessible routes or a man-made structure to cut the traffic for faster mode of traveling.

3. They are usually made over road junctions, roads, streets, etc.

4. The name itself suggests that you are flying over a traffic zone.

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5. They are usually built for road vehicles.


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