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Difference Between English Bond & Flemish Bond

English Bond:

english bond

English bond is considered as the strongest and most widely used brick bond in construction work. It consists of alternate course of headers and stretchers.

In this arrangement, vertical joints in the header and stretcher courses come over each other. To break the vertical joints in the consecutive courses queen closer should be placed after the first header in every header course.

Flemish Bond:

In this brick bond, each course consists of alternate headers and stretchers. Every header is centrally supported over the stretchers below it. To break the vertical joints in the successive courses queen closers are placed in alternate courses next to the queen header. Bats are essentially required for the walls having their thickness equal to odd numbers of half bricks. Flemish bond gives better appearance than english bond.


Flemish Bonds


Flemish bond can be sub-divided into two different categories.

1. Single flemish bond and

2. Double flemish bond.

Difference between English Bond And Flemish Bond:

Difference between english bond and flemish bond are as follows:

  1. English bond is much stronger than flemish bond for the walls thicker more than 1½ brick.
  2. Flemish bond shows more attractive and pleasing appearance of masonry work.
  3. Flemish bond is economical as it uses broken brick bats, although it requires some extra mortar for additional joints.
  4. Uses of flemish bond is a bit difficult than english bond. Flemish bond requires more skilled labour and supervision.

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