Duties Of Civil Engineer In Building Construction Site

Duties Of Civil Engineer In Building Construction Site:

The major categories where a civil engineer can work on the site are described below:

1. Execution:

Execution intends to convert the design into reality, the planning department will give you detailed drawings for the work you need to convey out. After studying the drawings properly, you will need to discuss with the planning department and project manager for the required assets.

2. Quality Engineer – QA/QC:

QA/QC engineer is responsible for controlling the guaranteed quality to the client. The various quality parameters are chosen during the contract and reported in the project quality plan. All the time of execution, different proforma should be filled by the site engineer, for example, pour cards, checking of reinforcement etc.

3. Safety Officer:

To be a safety officer you will need extra degree in fire and safety. You will be responsible for the safety of workers, thus you give safety instructions, safety training, pep talk etc to labors time to time. You have the power to stop the work at any stage if safety measures are not followed, for example, welding without the arrangement of the fire extinguisher.

4. Planning Engineer:

Planning engineer deals with the assets at site. He acts as a medium between the site and higher administration of the company. All assets of materials and labors to be approved by planning engineer for making and following work schedule.

5. Billing Engineer:

Billing engineer prepares the bills for subcontractor and clients.

Except for these posts, there are many different posts where a civil engineer can work suitably depending upon site such as Batching Plant Incharge, Formwork Incharge, Steel Yard Incharge etc.

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