Foamed concrete:

Foam concrete is a special type of porous concrete, which is highly workable, lightweight, and low-density material and it can incorporate up to 50% entrained air. It is produced by cement, water, and air pores (no need of coarse aggregates).

It is also known as foamed concrete, porous concrete, aerated concrete, lightweight concrete etc. This type of concrete is self-leveling, self-compacting, and can be easily pumped. The density of foamed concrete can differ from 400 kg/m3 to 1600 kg/m3.

Applications :

The application of this type of concrete is increasing day by day.

Foam concrete can be used in

1. Insulating lightweight concrete production.

2. Lightweight blocks and panels.

3. Partitions wall.

4. Prefabricated buildings.

5. Heat and sound insulating.

6. Pipelines etc.

Advantages Of Foam Concrete:

1. Foam concrete is very economical, it can be produced at very low cost.

2. It is a durable material like rock and it’s deterioration time is very small.

3. This type of concrete has thermal insulation properties.

4. It is fire resistant.

5. Transportation is very easy and can be pumped.

6. It is environment-friendly.

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