Minimum Cover For Reinforcement in Cast-In-Place Concrete

Minimum Cover For Reinforcement in Cast-In-Place Concrete:

The clear cover is the distance between the outer surface of concrete to the outer surface of the nearest bar.

Clear cover varies in different conditions. The clear cover for cast-in-place concrete is given in the below table.

Sl. No.                                                Conditions Minimum cover (inches)
1 Concrete cast against and permanently exposed to earth 3
2 Concrete exposed to weather or earth No. 6 to no. 18 bar 2
No. 5 bar, W31 or D31 wire
and smaller
1 ½
3 Concrete unexposed to weather or in contact with the ground. Slabs, Walls, and Joist No. 14 and no. 18 bar


1 ½
No. 11 bar and smaller


Beams and columns Primary reinforcement, ties, stirrups, and spirals 1 ½
Shells and folded plate members. No. 6 bar and large bars.


No. 5 bar, W31 or D31 wire and smaller. ½
4 Concrete tilt-up panels cast against a rigid horizontal surface, like concrete slab. No. 8 bar and smaller. 1
No. 9 to no. 18 bar. 2
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