Specification Of Plastering

Specification Of Plastering:

The general specification of plastering are as following:

1. Plastering is the finishing coat which protects the masonry and gives a decent look. It also enhances the hygienic conditions in the building.

2. The reference marks (BUNDAS) should be made on the wall in 2″ to 3″ diameter before starting the plastering work.

3. Cement and sand mortar is used in plastering which comprises of different thickness according to the requirement of site..

4. Plastering should be done with cement mortar ratio of 1:3, 1:4, 1:6 etc. as per the requirements of the work.

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5. The plaster should be in straight line, leveled, plumbed and the joint must be in right angle.

6. Before starting the plaster, the surface should be raked and properly cleaned by wire brush and it should be wet for 24 hours.

7. Door and window frames, water supply lines, electric fittings should be fitted appropriately before starting the plastering work. They should be laid as per the drawings.

8. All unnecessary cement mortar should be removed from the frames and electric fittings instantly after finishing the plaster.

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9. Curing of the plastered surface should be done properly. It should be cured at least for 7 days to get desired strength.

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