Advantages Of Integrated Building Design

Advantages Of Integrated Building Design

During the initial stages of your building’s construction process, you need to decide everything correctly to ensure that the construction doesn’t hit any roadblocks. Usually, you have the option to get a single firm that can handle everything from engineering, architecture, development, and construction or independent firms for each element. 

However, you should consider going for an integrated approach because of the many benefits to building owners. You should know that an integrated approach enhances life-cycle costs and provides the potential to reduce initial costs significantly.

Some building owners think that integrated solutions would always cost more money than usual. However, you can find many long-term benefits that will help your building become better. 

1. Consistent and Cost-Effective Solutions

What is great about hiring an integrated design-build firm is saving a ton of money during the entire construction process. You should know that it can become confusing when hiring independent firms for the construction project.

They might also ask for different rates that are higher than what you expected in the first place. You will need your accountant to check tally up their costs, which can take more time. If you want to avoid wasting time computing the costs, an integrated design-build firm can provide you the costs in one go.

Besides avoiding the hassle of computing the costs, each component knows how the other one works. When you hire firms from different companies, they might have conflicting ideas that could put the project underwater.

But when you hire an integrated design-build firm, they can develop designs and plan everything at a moment’s notice. You can even expect them to finish the entire project before the scheduled date of completion, showing how beneficial an integrated design-build firm is. 

And at the end of every project, their entire team will review the issues that may have arisen during the project and systematize them moving forward. They share their systematization with their design team and use it as a basis for future construction projects with other clients.

2. Reduce Project Risks Significantly

Another benefit of an integrated firm is its capability to assure their clients a fixed price on the project. There’s no better feeling than knowing your construction firm can come up with a price that won’t shock you when the time comes they need the funds. During one-thirds of the project’s designing phase, they should already have an estimation on the project. 

They also try to ensure that the price does not change or go over the agreed budget, whether for finishing purposes or adding design details. They usually have highly experienced estimators that can calculate everything from material costs like choosing the right ceiling and attic access door and panel and the number of construction equipment they need in the construction project. 

Their estimators have access to a wide range of information regarding prices of everything the construction project needs, and they pass it on to designers to give them an idea of how they can design the building. They always find ways on how to fit a client’s budget, even if the projects have meticulous schedules. 

3. Design from an Owner’s Point of View

There are times when some construction firms would go out of their way to do more for clients. While that may impress clients, others may not like it. A client wants the project to go exactly how they planned it, and doing changes that they’re not aware of can significantly reduce the client’s satisfaction with the project. 

Fortunately, most integrated building firms would focus on their clients’ needs above anything else. The only thing they go above and beyond is the materials they choose. They never settle for anything less when it comes to providing top-quality construction services.

An integrated building firm’s only goal is to make the client’s construction project become a reality, which means they should not change anything unless the client asks them for any suggestions. The only time they can make changes is when the clients approve those changes. 

If you ever have plans on starting a construction project, don’t forget to choose an integrated firm instead of hiring different firms. You can reduce overall confusion, and you can expect an integrated firm to work as a cohesive unit. When you hire a construction team that works together, you can expect a fast and quality construction process. 

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