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Difference Between Fly Ash Bricks And Clay Bricks

Fly Ash Bricks:

Fly ash bricks are manufactured by mixing fly ash, cement, sand/stone dust and water. These bricks are cheaper than clay bricks.

Clay Bricks:

Clay bricks are made of clay, usually formed into a rectangular shape and burnt in a kiln at an elevated temperature to harden. These bricks are most commonly and widely used in construction works.

Difference Between Fly Ash Bricks And Clay Bricks:

1. Fly ash bricks are made in moulds hence are always of uniform shape. Clay bricks are uneven shapes and sizes as they as hand made.

2. The colour of fly ash brick is uniform and pleasing. But clay bricks are not uniform colour as the colour of brick depends on soil.

3. Fly ash bricks have smooth finish hence plastering is not required. Normal clay bricks always require plastering.

4. Fly ash bricks are lighter in weight than clay bricks.

5. The compressive strength of fly ash brick is around 100 kg/cm2 and compressive strength of clay brick is around 35 kg/cm2.

6. Fly ash bricks can absorb more vibration than clay bricks.

7. Fly ash bricks are less porous than clay bricks.

8. Fly ash bricks are stronger and denser than normal clay bricks.

9. Less mortar requirement in fly ash brick construction than clay brick construction.

10. Less breakages and wastages than red clay bricks.

11. The cost of fly ash bricks is approximately 30% lower than clay bricks.

12. Fly ash bricks are more environment-friendly as they are made of waste materials that come from the combustion of coal in thermal power plants. But clay bricks are made of clay collected from fertile land topsoil and chimney required.

So from the above comparison, it is clear that fly ash bricks are better than clay bricks. You can use fly ash bricks in any construction without any doubt.

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Comments ( 2 )

  1. Hello,

    I have read in some other website, fly ash bricks produce more heat and they are not suitable for resedential construction compared to red clay bricks. Is it true? or we can use fly ash bricks for resedential construction of 3 floors in a city like hyderabad?

    • Fly ash bricks are only suitable for subtropical areas, or where the climate is warm because fly ash bricks do not absorb heat. But in the winter season it is not helpful.

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