Hemp Rope – Features, Advantages And Application

Hemp can be used in many ways like smoking flower GETHempd, clothing, interior decor, and in construction and some heavy tasks, hemp ropes. 

Hemp rope is made from fiber obtained from a cannabis plant called hemp. 

To make ropes, the long fibers are twisted and braided together, make longer ropes with various thicknesses, and twist thin ropes to make thicker ropes. 

Hemp ropes are used in many things such as climbing, fishing, sailing, horsemanship, and even in construction. 

Hemp ropes are one the strongest ropes in the world. They are durable, robust, and resistant to UV light and mold. 

The history of Hemp Rope

Hemp was probably one of the first plants cultivated for fibers. The cultivation of hemp is believed to have started in China as far back as 2,800 B.C and was practiced in the Mediterranean countries of Europe during the Christian era. 

In the 1500’s it was also planted in Chile and later on in North America. 

Industrial hemp was one of the main sources for products such as baskets, textile, and rope. Hemp was the primary material for rope many years ago.  Humans used hemp rope for various purposes and needs such as sports, climbing, fishing, sailing, construction, and even basket making in prehistoric times. 

Hemp Rope Features

Hemp ropes are widely used for performing various tasks. Although it has been used for many years for a variety of products and purposes, it is not a product of the past. Industrial hemp is still alive and hemp ropes are still used today. 

  • Robust Rope

Hemp rope is very strong and durable. It can be used for tasks that require the lifting of heavy materials such as construction. These ropes were also used for sailing in pre-historic times and stood in any weather conditions. 

  • Durable

Hemp ropes can stand any heavy use and their natural qualities and strength make them durable. Hemp ropes can be used for long years without being damaged or weakened. 

  • Eco- Friendly 

100% made from natural hemp fiber, Hemp ropes do not contain abiotic components. Compared to other materials, hemp rope is more planet-friendly.

Cotton, for example, ropes today have cotton as one of their major materials, however the ingredients to make cotton ropes are not eco-friendly. 

  • UV Resistant 

Unlike other ropes, hemp ropes do not get weakened by UV rays because of their naturally rich qualities. Therefore, these ropes can perform better and have longer use. 

  • Mold Resistant

Hemp ropes are not only strong but also resistant to UV light, mold or mildew, and most chemicals.  Molds take place when ropes get wet, it quickly grows on moist surfaces. Ropes are used for some tasks that may contain water such as sailing or nautical operations, if the rope is not dried after use, mold growth could take place. However, it’s not the same with hemp ropes since hemp ropes are mold resistant.

  • Affordable

Some of you might think that hemp rope is expensive because it is made from hemp. The truth is, hemp ropes are cost-effective. Just like other ropes, you can easily afford them. 

Hemp ropes can be used in 

  • Construction 

Although most of the construction today uses machines, we cannot deny the fact that ropes are still an important part of the construction industry. In the old days, people used ropes for construction before machines were developed. They used ropes to lift heavy materials.

Today, people use machinery, however, there are still tasks that require the use of ropes, for example, rope access or industrial climbing.

Rope access is an important part of ensuring the maintenance standards of the building are maintained. 

  • Interior Decoration

You can do a lot of things with hemp ropes. There are so many DIY home decor ideas available on the internet that use hemp or hemp ropes. 

You can simply hang your ropes on the wall, wrap them around your bottles or any container, or make round mats. 

  • Nautical Applications 

Ropes are also vital in different marine operations. They are applied to sails, anchors, and protecting the ship and the things on the ship. 


The hemp plant is a gift to humanity. With all its different uses, people developed the things we use today.  Hemp is not only used for industrial products. Its flower, also known as hemp flower is used for smoking and offers benefits and mild effects to its users. 

It is also undeniable that hemp ropes were and still are the best ropes you can find with their features, uses, and characteristics. Aside from its uses listed above, there are so many other activities where you can use hemp ropes. You can use it for many different purposes. 

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