How Long Does It Take to Tile a Living Room?

Living rooms are one of the most important parts of your home, and most people tend to have a more attractive design for the interior of their living rooms, rather than the other rooms of their rooms. As tiles are arguably the most important element of an interior designing process, it is important to know different matters regarding the relationship between tiles and the interior design of your room.   

There are many kinds of tiles that you can use in your living room in order to decorate it in an intricate way, tiles of many different colors and patterns. Depending on your taste, you can go for any kind of design or texture, and decorate your living room.

You can go for colorful tiles and grouts to make your room look more lively, or choosing plain colored tiles will help to make your living room bigger. Whatever you go for, you’ll need to go through a proper tiles installation process.

There are many things you need to know before you’ll start with the tiling process in your living room. Tiling anywhere at your home can be a tough process, and if you don’t maintain certain things appropriately, the whole tiling process can fall apart, and your interior design won’t be a success.

The time duration of the tiling process is also a really important thing that you need to know before starting the process. Any kind of tiling process can be time-consuming, so you need to be prepared before starting the tiling, and for that, you’ll need to know approximately how much time you will need for the tiling process.

By knowing the time duration for the process, you can take the necessary measures that needed to be taken to make the house and yourself properly prepared for the tiling process, and then you can get down with the process and make it successful.

While you are planning for your tiling process, you’ll have to make many other arrangements that are related to the tiling process and to make sure that those arrangements are properly aligned with the tiling job, you need to know the time you will need for the tiling.

If you remain confused about how much time you’ll need for the process, or just assume a time amount that turns out wrong later, you can face numerous problems.

Time You Will Need to Tile Your Living Room

The time you will need approximately to complete the tiling process of your living room depends on some factors, and these factors will decide how much time you might need for the whole process. Let’s look into these factors.

Tile Size

The size of the tiles is the most crucial factor in this process. As, bigger tiles take up more space than comparatively smaller tiles, and as a result, a fewer number of tiles will have to be laid down if you use bigger tiles in your living room, and the process will be faster. So, the bigger size you will use for the tiling, the quicker you can finish the installation process.

The relation between Tiles and Living Room Floor

Some tiles will fit perfectly the floors and walls of your living room, and they won’t need any additional cuts or shape-changing. They won’t be needed to be cut in specific and tough areas, so the process will be quicker. So, you’ll have to see the relation between the tiles and the walls and floor.

The orientation of tiles also needs to be considered. You can go for diagonal tiling to follow the trend, but remember that the tiling process will be slower then. But it depends on you what you’ll choose and how much time you can spare for the tiling.

Preparation and Curing

If the walls and floors of your living room aren’t completely flat, tiles can’t be laid down properly, and then the tiles will crack after some time. So, to make them completely flat, you will need to level the floor by adding a layer of backer-board and then cover protrusions of raised seams. And this can take a notable amount of time.

Grouting and Cleaning

While adding grout after the tiling process, you need to know that if your tiles are relatively small and are of difficult shapes, the grouting job can be really time consuming. Also, you’ll need to clean the excesses after the job, and that will take some time too, as the cleaning process is tough.

Expertise of Tilers

A professional and experienced tiler can complete a tiling job much earlier than an inexperienced and new one, and the time duration of your process will be impacted hugely by the tiler.  

Other Factors

Approximately 24 hours might be needed after the tiling for you to walk on them. This time must be considered while you are measuring the time duration.

Also, it takes different times based on the place you are tiling and different tile types. Walls and floors take different amounts of time for their tiling, you need to take into account that too.

Final Words

Many factors determine how much time it will take to completely tile your living room, so it is really hard to properly estimate the time duration of the whole process.

But it is mostly considered that one hour of tiling can cover 10 square feet of a certain space approximately. This rate can be taken into account while you are measuring the time duration.

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