Which method is adopted for curing of pavements, floors, roofs and slabs?


a) Membrane method

b) Ponding method

c) Covering surface with bags

d) Sprinkling water method

Correct Answer – (b) Ponding method.

Ponding Method:

This is the best method of curing. It is suitable for curing horizontal surfaces such as floors, roof slabs, road and air field pavements. The horizontal top surfaces of beams can also be ponded. After placing the concrete, its exposed surface is first covered with moist hessian or canvas. After 24 hours, these covers are removed and small ponds of clay or sand are built across and along the pavements. The area is thus divided into a number of rectangles. The water is filled between the ponds. The filling of water in these ponds is done twice or thrice a day, depending upon the atmospheric conditions. Though this method is very efficient, the water requirement is very heavy. Ponds easily break and water flows out. After curing it is difficult to clean the clay.

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  1. Curing of pavements, floors, roofs and slab is done by (b) Ponding method.

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