How To Calculate Load-Bearing Capacity Of RCC Slab

To calculate the load-bearing capacity of RCC slab, certain assumptions to be considered.


1. Slab is supported on all edges e.g. with the help of beams.

2. Slab can carry any kind of loading like point load , U.D.L (uniformly distributed load) etc.

3. We know the drawing details of slab like no. Of steel bars and type of concrete.


4. We just want to know theoretical capacity of the slab not actual otherwise we may need to do plate load test which is destructive in nature.

Let’s find out the capacity of slab.

Step 1 – Find out the no. Of bars and their dimensions in one meter span of slab in shorter direction.

Step 2 – Find out the grade of concrete.

Step 3 – Using the IS 456 page 90 formula, calculate the area of steel present in tension and the thickness of slab and thereafter find the moment of resistance of slab.

fck = Grade of concrete.

fy = Grade of steel.

B = Width of beam.

d = Effective depth of beam.

xu = Depth of neutral axis (NA) from the top of beam section.

xu,lim =limiting depth of neutral axis (NA) from top of beam section for balanced section.

Ast = Area of steel.

Compressive force, C = 0.36fckBxu

Tensile force, T = 0.87fyAst

Lever arm, LA = d−0.42xuLA

Moment of Resistance, MOR = C×LA = T×LAMOR

MOR = 0.36fckBxu(d−0.42xu)

MOR = 0.87fyAst(d−0.42xu)

The above are general formulas for MOR.

For under-reinforced section, xu<xu,lim

xu,lim depends on fy & d only.

Step 4 – After knowing the Moment of resistance you can find out the load on beam as you know the span of beam because,

Moment = force × perpendicular distance.

From this, you can calculate the strength of slab without breaking the slab.

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