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Types Of Flooring

Types Of Flooring:

There are several types of floors which are mostly adopted by the public as well as residential buildings nowadays. But there is not a single type of floor that could be used under all circumstances because each floor has its own merits in specific circumstances. The various types of floors which are most commonly adopted for construction of ground floor are listed below.

1. Terrazzo flooring.

2. Mud flooring.

3. Brick flooring.

4. Cement concrete flooring.

5. Tiled flooring.

6. Mosaic flooring.

7. Marble flooring.

8. Asphalt flooring.

9. Flagstone flooring.

10. Rubber flooring.

11. Timber flooring.

12. Acidproof flooring.

13. Granolithic flooring.

14. Muram flooring.

15. Linoleum flooring.

Due to their different advantages in different conditions, it becomes very hard to select the type of floor and as such the following points should be kept in view while selecting the type of floor.

1. The floor should be strong and durable,

2. It should be easy to clean.

3. It should possess pleasing appearance.

4. It should be free from dampness.

5. It should be noiseless as far as possible.

6. It should be fire resistant.

7. It should have low or no maintenance cost.

8. It should not be highly expensive.

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