Advantages And Limitations Of Staad Pro Software

What Is Staad Pro?

Staad pro is a structural analysis and designing software used to analyze and design RCC and steel structure according to the relative country code. It is one of the most used software by civil and structural engineers. It helps to automate their tasks by eliminating the tedious and long procedures of manual methods.

Advantages Of Staad Pro Software:

1. First of all, it does not involve any manual calculations.

2. The visual interface is user-friendly.

3. It is based on the latest programming technology that enables to create of an exact 3d model of the required building or structure.

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4. It is suitable for almost all types of materials including concrete, steel, aluminum etc.

5. Faster methods of designing a structure.

6. This software contains all the necessary tools required to design a structure. It works in sync with other programs such as staad pro foundation, staad pro offshore and ram for designing foundation, offshore structure and steel structure. Other than buildings bridges, pipes, shear wall etc can also be designed.

7. It can be used to calculate reinforcement for concrete beams, columns and shear walls.

8. A large variety of design codes are available which determines drift, deflection and depth of any construct.

9. It is developed with an open architecture called open staad.

10 Pre-built models of different structures are available for remodeling purposes. New templates can also be added as per requirements.

11. One of the most exciting features VBA permits you to create your own design and templates.

12. We can get shear and moment values at every 1/12th section of the member.

13. For seismic design, both static analysis and response spectrum can be performed.

14. You can design structure for different types of load such as dead load, live load, wind, load etc.

15. International country codes are available.

16. The results are sturdy.

17. Designs can be imported from Autocad.

18. Easy to learn.

Limitations Of Staad Pro Software:

1. It gives uneconomical results for multi-story structures.

2. Limitations in modeling. Curvy boundary, parabolic beam etc can not be modeled effectively and analyzed efficiently.

3. Analysis of complex structures can be tedious. Require proper skills.

4. Proper detailing of reports is not available.

5. not for brick masonry works. Not for costing and estimating.

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