Staad Pro Shortcut Keys

Staad pro is an advanced structural analysis and design software application used to analyze and design RCC and Steel structures. It is one of the most widely used software by civil and structural engineers. It helps to automate the task by eliminating tedious and long procedures of manual methods. Useful staad pro shortcut keys are listed below:

Staad Pro Shortcut Keys – Use with “SHIFT”

Shift+A – Show Specifications of Beam

Shift+B – Beam Number

Shift+C – Display Solid Number

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Shift+D – Shows Dimensions

Shift+E – Show Starting & End Points Of Elements

Shift+F – Show Floor Loading

Shift+G – Diagram Information

Shift+H – Check Wind Load Contribution

Shift+I – Check Origin Of Model

Shift+J – Property Reference Number

Shift+K – Show Nodes In Elements

Shift+L – Master And Slave Nodes

Shift+N – Check Node Numbers

Shift+M – Assign Material

Shift+O – Show Local Axis Of Individual Members

Shift+P – Show Plate Number

Shift+R- Release Element

Shift+S – Shows Supports Specification In Structure

Shift+T – Check Plate Orientations

Shift+V – Display Load Value

Shift+W – Show Wind Load

Shift+X – Property Assigned

Shift+Y – Show Floor Loads

Staad Pro Shortcut – Use with “SHIFT and CTRL”

Shift+Ctrl+T – Show Surface Orientation

Shift+Ctrl+P – Show Surface Number

Shift+Ctrl+A – Display Axis Window

Shift+Ctrl+G – Design Group

Shift+Ctrl+M – Show Member Number

Shift+Ctrl+B – Show Design Brief

Shift+Ctrl+E – Show Design Envelop

Staad Pro Shortcut – Use with “CTRL”

Ctrl+1 – Section Outline

Ctrl+2 – Solid Section

Ctrl+4 – Render

Ctrl+0 – No Outline

Ctrl+O – Open File

Ctrl+P – Print File

Ctrl+S – Save File

Ctrl+G – Define Group Dialog Box

Ctrl+Z – Undo The Task

Ctrl+C – Copy

Ctrl+V – Paste

Ctrl+Y- Redo

Ctrl+N – Run Structural Wizard

F9/Ctrl+F5 – Run Analysis

Ctrl+Mouse – Middle Button To Scale Rescale

Staad Pro Special Keys:

Alt+F4 – Close Staad Pro

F2 – Move

F4 – Change Orientation

F1 – Staad Help

F5 – Check Syntax In Staad Editor

F12 – View Animation In Full Screen.

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Staad Pro Shortcut Keys

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