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Principle Of Concrete Mix Design

What Is Concrete Mix Design? Mix design is a method which determines the proportions of cement, water, fine aggregates and coarse aggregates to produce the concrete of required strength, workability and durability with minimum cost. Principle Of Concrete ...

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What Is 1.54 In Concrete Calculation

What Is 1.54 In Concrete Calculation? In concrete calculation, we always multiply Wet volume with 1.54 to get dry volume. But do you know what is 1.54 or where this 1.54 came from? If You don't know, no problem. In this article, I will ...

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Precautions In Construction Of Tunnels

Precautions In Construction Of Tunnels: For economic safe and quick construction of tunnels, the following precautions should be taken: 1. The shape of the tunnel should be decided according to its purpose. 2. Cross-sectional dimensions of the tunnel should be decided ...

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What Is The Best Concrete Mix Design

What Is The Best Concrete Mix Design? The cost of concrete determines the characteristic strength, quality control, workability of mix (cost of labor) which includes the high degree of compactions. The best concrete mix design is ...

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