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Self Compacting Concrete (SCC) – Advantages And Disadvantages

Self Compacting Concrete:

Self compacting concrete is a high-performance concrete which is highly flowable or self-leveling cohesive concrete that can be easily placed in the tight reinforcement. It is also known as super workable concrete.

As the name suggests, this concrete compacts by itself without the use of external vibrators. Some admixtures are used to reduce the yield stress in SCC such as HRWR (high range water-reducing admixture), and the viscosity is increased by using VMA (viscosity modifying admixture).


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Advantages Of Self Compacting Concrete:

1. Faster construction and requires less manpower reduce the overall cost of production.

2. SCC can be placed easily in complicated formwork and dense reinforcement.

3. It is super workable due to its low water-cement ratio, which gives rapid strength development, more durability, and best quality.

4. As it is self-compacted there is no need to use any vibrator.

5. Bleeding and segregation problems are almost nil.

6. It produces a smooth and well-finished surface at the end of concreting.

7. Thinner concrete slabs can be cast easily.

8. Working procedure is totally safe.

9. It is environment-friendly.

Disadvantages Of Self Compacting Concrete:

1. SCC requires high fluidity in tight joints formwork, which slow downs the casting rate.

2. Due to its low water-cement ratio, plastic shrinkage cracks may occur. But this can be avoided by curing properly.

3. Highly skilled and experienced workers are required for the production of SCC.

4. It is more costly than any other conventional concrete.

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