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Types Of Scales In Surveying

Types Of Scales In Surveying: Since the surveyed area is very large, it is never possible to make full size drawing. For convenience it is generally necessary to draw them to a reduced size, this operation is called "drawing to ...

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Advantages And Disadvantages Of Total Station

Total Station Surveying: Surveying is one of the most important jobs which must be done before starting a new construction project. Total station is the latest instrument nowadays most commonly used by the surveyors on the job location. Total station ...

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Plane Surveying

Plane Surveying: Plane surveying is a specific type of surveying where the surface of the earth is considered as plane and the curvature of the earth is not taken into account. The line connecting any two points is a ...

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Types Of Surveying (Classification Of Surveying)

Surveying: Surveying is a scientific method which determines the three-dimensional positions and angles of relative points on the surface of the earth. Different types of surveying methods are used in construction which is described below. Types Of ...

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