Checklists For Shuttering

Checklists For Shuttering:

Formwork or shuttering is a temporary and rigid structure used as a mould in which the freshly mixed concrete is poured to be hardened subsequently. It withstands all types of dead and live loads. The types of formwork totally depend on the material of formwork and the structural elements.

Formworks are generally three types:

1. Beam Formwork: Used in beams.

2. Slab Formwork: Used in slabs.


3. Column Formwork: Used in columns.

The checklists for before and after shuttering are as following:

1. The material of shuttering is new/old?

2. Are repairs Ok?

3. Cleanness of shuttering is Ok?

4. Oiling of shuttering?

Fixed Shuttering:

5. The design of shuttering is Ok?

6. Rigidity, levelling, and allignment Ok?

7. Check the props. Ok?

8. Check the acrow span. Ok?

9. Check the braces. Ok?

10. Check the holes, sealing joints. Ok?

11. Check for any changes or rework.

After Removal Of Shuttering:

12. Concrete Surface – Good/moderate/level/line?

13. Any repair of surface is required?

If required then it should be done and properly investigated by a quality assurance engineer.

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