Construction Tools List & Uses In Building Work

What Are Construction Tools?

Tools and instruments that are used in construction work known as construction tools. In this article, we have provided 40+ construction tools (with images) and their uses in building work.

Construction Tools List:

1. Tape

It consists of a flexible ribbon of plastic, fiber glass, or metal strip with linear-measurement markings. This is used to measure length, size, or distance.

measuring tape tool

2. Masonry Trowel

It is a hand tool used in brickwork, stonework, or plastering for placing, leveling, shaping, and smoothing mortar or concrete. They are available in various shapes and sizes depending upon the work.

trowel tool

3. Head Pan

It is a round container, like a bowl used to transport construction materials.

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4. Plumb Bob

Plumb bob is a small weight with a pointed tip, hangs from a string. This is one of the most important construction tools used to check vertical alignment for civil works.

plumb bob tool

5. Hoe

It is a long-handled tool with a sharp metal blade used for digging, mixing concrete ingredients, placing mortar/concrete in head pan etc.

6. Wooden Float

This tool has a plane surface used to make concrete surface smooth during plastering and finishing.

wooden float tool

7. Spade

A long-handled tool consisting of a blade, stunted and less curved than that of a shovel mainly used for digging purposes.

spade tool

8. Digging Bar

This is used for digging and loosing the soil.

digging bar tool

9. Crow Bar

A crowbar is a metal tool used mainly for removing the nails from shuttering boards.

crow bar tool

10. Wheel Barrow

Wheel barrow is a construction tool having one wheel and two handles that is used to transport concrete, soil or any other material from one place to another place.

wheel barrow tool

11. Hammer

A hammer is a tool consisting of a weighted head fixed to a long handle that is used to drive nails into shuttering boards, walls, etc.

hammer tool

12. Chisel

This tool is used to remove excess concrete from hardened surface.

13. Bump Cutter/Screed

This tool is made of wood, mainly used to level fresh concrete and provide a smooth surface especially in the concrete slab.

14. Vacuum Blower

It is used to clean dust from floor or concrete slab.

15. Needle Vibrator

This construction tool is very essential during pouring of concrete into reinforcement. It is used for compaction of the concrete perfectly.

needle vibrator machine

15. Earth Rammer

This tool is used to level the ground soil.

earth rammer machine

16. Tamper

A tamper is a hand tool used to compress or compact earth or soil. Compacting the earth makes it hard and level, a suitable groundwork for projects that need a hard, flat surface.

17. Right Angle Frame

It is used to check the right angle of masonry or plastering work.

18. Polisher

It is an electrically driven polishing machine used to polish granite/marbles. This helps to provide a very smooth surface of marbles.

polisher machine

19. Concrete Mixer

This is a construction tool used to mix cement, sand, aggregates and water manually and produce concrete.

concrete mixer machine

20. Sand Screening Machine

It is used to sieve sand for use in construction work. Sand is poured on the sieve or mesh which vibrates and separate fine grain sand easily.

sand screed machine

21. Drill

Drill machine is used to make a hole of circular cross-section in solid materials like wood, steel, concrete, etc.

22. Hand Saw

It is a hand tool used to cut wood for shuttering and other works.

23. Circular Saw

It is an electrically driven machine consisting of a circular blade used to cut wood, steel rods, etc. The use of hand saw is now replaced by this tool.

24. Block Plane / Jack Plane

This tool is used to make wood surface smooth and plane for doors and windows.

25. Jack Hammer

These construction tools are used to demolish old concrete, break stones, remove pavement, and demolish many other surfaces in construction projects.

jack hammer tool

26. Tile Cutter

It is used in tiling or marble work. By this tool tiles or marbles are cut to the required size and shape.

tile cutter tool

27. Line Level

It is a small tool that is used to check the horizontal surface level in brickwork, plastering, flooring, plumbing, electric, and tile works.

line level tool

28. Torpedo Level

This tool is a combination of line level and framing square.

29. Water Level

An U-shaped tube is used to check the level by means of the surface of water.

water level pipe tool

30. Brick Bolster

It is like a chisel used to cut bricks. Its cutting edge enables for accurate cutting of bricks.

construction tool

31. Binding Hook

It is one of the useful construction tools to tie binding wires in reinforcement.

binding hook tools

32. Ladder

Ladder is used to climb up or climb down.

33. Measuring Box

It is used to measure the quantity of cement, sand, or aggregates for concrete.

construction tool

34. Putty Knife

A putty knife is a hand tool used in putty finishing to limit the thickness of the putty.

35. Welding Machine

This machine is used for welding purposes to joint different pieces of steel or rods.

welding machine tool

36. De-Watering Pump

Dewatering pumps are used to remove water from a construction site, building site, pond, and other areas.

dewatering pump

37. Measuring Wheel

This construction tool is used to measure lengths.

38. Rebound Hammer

It is used to check the compressive strength of concrete.

39. Scoop

It is used in quality control department for material.

40. Line and Pins

This consists of a thread whose ends are connected with two solid metal rods with pointed tips. It is used to level the alignment of the brick course during brick laying.

line and pins tool

41. Straight Edge Brush

It is used to provide good finishing to the plastered surface especially at the corners and edges of walls.

42. Wire Brush

It is used to clean concrete surface and other materials.

wire brush tool

43. Scratcher

It is used to scratch first layer of plastering.

construction tool

Safety Tools:

Here I am including safety tools in the construction tools list because safety should be first priority in any construction work.

44. Helmet

Safety helmet is must in construction works. Safety helmets will protect the user’s head against impact from objects falling from height, or any fatal accident.

helmet safety tool

45. Hand Gloves

These are used to avoid direct contact with harmful chemicals, dangerous tools, or machines.

46. Safety Glass

This is used to save our eyes while drilling, hacking/roughening, grinding.

safety glass tool

47. Safety Belt

Safety belt is must to work on heights.

48. Rubber Boots

These are to prevent skin from direct chemical contact, dangerous machines and tools.

In this post, I have tried to cover all tools used in construction work. Do you know any other tool used in construction? Let me know in the comments.

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