Difference Between Brick Masonry And Stone Masonry

Difference Between Brick Masonry And Stone Masonry

A construction made by using bricks or stone blocks with mortar is known as masonry. There are mainly two types of masonry i.e brick masonry and stone masonry. In this article, we will discuss the difference between brick masonry and stone masonry.

What Is Brick Masonry?

When construction is done using bricks and mortar it is known as brick masonry.

What Is Stone Masonry?

When construction is done using stone blocks it is called stone masonry.

Brick Masonry Vs Stone Masonry

1. Stone masonry is much more strong and durable than brick masonry.

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2. Brick masonry is normally used in house construction, apartment/building construction, etc. On the other hand stone masonry is used in the construction of more severe and rigorous conditions.

3. Brick masonry requires plastering to protect the bricks from atmospheric effects such as rain, wind, sun, snow, etc. Stone masonry is generally not plastered to preserve the natural color.

4. Dampness and other unfavorable conditions chemical reactions may disintegrate and affect the life, appearance of brickwork. Stone masonry is not easily affected by such conditions.

5. Construction using good quality bricks can practically replace stone masonry.

6. Construction of brick masonry is easier than stone masonry.

7. Brick masonry requires less mortar whereas stone masonry requires more mortar.

8. Stone masonry requires skilled labours.

9. Due to small sizes bricks can be easily handled. But large-sized stone blocks can create difficulty while placing them in position.

10. Bricks are much more lightweight than same size stone blocks.

11. In brick masonry, walls of 10 cm thickness can be constructed. But, the minimum thickness of stone masonry walls is 38 cm.

12. Brick masonry does not require any dressing whereas stone masonry involves lots of dressing.

13. Bricks can be moulded in any shape or size as per requirements, but the dressing of stone to specific shape is not easy.

14. Construction of stone masonry is time-consuming but the progress of brickwork is faster.

15. Brick masonry is more fire resistant than stone masonry.

16. Dead load of stone masonry is much more than brick masonry

17. Bricks are available in regular shape and size and they can be used in definite patterns known as bonds. In stone masonry no such definite arrangement of stone blocks is possible as they are available in varying shapes and sizes.

18. Jambs of doors and windows can be made easily than stone masonry.

19. Brick masonry is economical than stone masonry.

20. Stone masonry usually remains in hilly areas where stone is easily and locally available. Brickwork can be done anywhere as bricks can be manufactured easily.

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