How To Calculate Bend Deduction Length Of Bar

How To Calculate Bend Deduction Length Of Bar

When we bend a steel bar, the length of the bar slightly increased due to stretching in the bending area (refer to below image).

The expansion of length depends on the grade of steel and the degree of bend. The length increases with the increase of bending degree and decreases with the higher grade steel. (Fe250, Fe450, Fe500)

In this article, I will discuss how to calculate the bend deduction length for bars.

The formulae for bend deduction are

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1. For 45° bend = 1 x d

2. For 90° bend = 2 x d

3. For 135° Bend = 3 x d

4. For 180° bend = 4 x d

Where d = diameter of the bar.

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  1. There are the formulas given but there is not mentioned the number of bends. Pls make sure full formula should be given. Like at 90 degree
    2*d*number of bends

  2. Please tell me the clause number in IS code where its mention that for 45 degree bend length will be 1d and others also. I really want to know this.


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