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How To Calculate Number Of Tiles In A Room

How To Calculate Number Of Tiles In A Room:

Calculation of tiles needed for floors and walls is so simple and easy. in this post, I will discuss how to calculate no. of tiles required in a room. So let’s start.

Step 1- Calculate Area Of The Floor:

let the length of the floor = 14 feet.

Breadth of the floor = 12 feet.

∴ Area of floor = length of floor x breadth of floor = 14 x 12 = 168 sft.

Step 2 – Calculate Area Of 1 Tile:

There are different tile sizes such as 20cmx20cm, 30cmx30cm, 45×45, 60cmx60cm etc. In this calculattion we will use 60×60 cm tiles.

Length of 1 tile = 60 cm

Breadth of 1 tile = 60 cm.

∴ Area of 1 tile =  60 x 60 = 3600 cm² = 3.6 sft.

Step 3 – Divide Floor Area By Area Of 1 Tile:

∴ No. of tiles required = Area of floor/ area of 1 tile = 168/3.6 = 46.6 ≈ 47.

∴ 47 tiles are required for the above floor.


Consider 5% wastages.

Similarly, you can also calculate tiles needed for walls.


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  1. Alot of thanks to our bloved for ,owning A loving heart giving out what you own.

  2. Your engineering journal are highly appreciated. Thanks.

    August 20, 2019 at 11:07 am

    So much useful i am working as a finishing engineer please suggest me finishing tips

  4. AAbdullahi Taofeek
    November 11, 2019 at 3:04 pm

    Thank you very much
    So simple analysis Need more tips
    About block, layout and concrete tips
    May God increases you in knowledge Amen

  5. I stand to b corrected, I think one step is missing, you can’t just go to d market nd ask for 47 tiles, it’s sold in cartons, I think this should be d last step, make enquiries to know d total numbers of tiles in one carton (60*60cm tile) then divide d total tiles to b used by d numbers of tiles in one carton to get d numbers of cartons. Let’s say we have 10 of 60*60cm tiles in one carton, so 47/10=4.7cartons. thanks.

  6. I dont think 3600cm² will be 3.6ft², the calculation might be wrong, we can first convert the ft to cm before proceeding to calculate the area in cm² just like that. How ft makes a cm or how many cm makes a ft.

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