How to Get Rid of Lizards at Home

Are you tired of lizards and looking for a way to get rid of them permanently? Don’t worry; here are some solutions that will come in handy. This article will help you get rid of lizards in your house.

how to get rid of lizards permanently at home

Lizards are one of the common pests in houses. Though lizards are not directly harmful or poisonous, no one likes to see them in the home. So, we’ve compiled a list of effective methods to get rid of lizards in the house permanently.

To remove lizards from your home, concentrate on their potential food sources and hiding places rather than the lizards themselves. So, let’s get started on your mission to eliminate your enemy. The first step is to determine why the lizards are visiting your home.

Here are a few reasons

  • Leftover Food

Lizards eat ants, spiders, beetles, and flies, all of which are attracted to leftover food.

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  • Hiding Places

Lizards like cool and dark places. You’ve probably noticed that lizards hide on cupboards and furniture and only come out to eat food.

  • Water

Find water sources if you want to keep lizards at bay. Check for leaking pipes, fixtures, pet bowls, and bird baths, as this is enough to keep lizards alive for months.

How to Get Rid of Lizards at Home

Here are a few quick and easy ways to get rid of lizards at your house.

1. Place Onions

Onions have a strong odor that assaults the lizard’s senses. So, you slice some onions and keep them as lizard food sources. You can also make onion juice with water and spray it.

2. Place Garlic

Placing garlic cloves around the house will release a strong odor that will deter lizards from entering. You can also make a water solution with garlic and spray it.

3. Use Empty Eggshells

Lizards dislike the smell of eggshells. So mark areas where lizards are seen, then place eggshells there to keep lizards away.

4. Use Coffee Powder

Lizards dislike the strong odor of coffee powder. Therefore, spread coffee powder throughout areas where lizards are frequently seen.

5. Make Spray with Tabasco Sauce

To make this spray, fill a spray bottle half with water and two tablespoons of tabasco sauce. After that, spray on the lizards’ habitat.

6. Use Mothballs (Naphthalene Balls)

Another option is to get rid of lizards in your home. Put these balls in kitchen cabinets, storage racks, and under the sink. This remedy will also assist you in keeping other small pests at bay. However, keep naphthalene balls away from pets and babies because they are harmful to their health.

7. Use Pepper Spray or Crushed Black Pepper

Pepper spray is a quick and inexpensive solution. First, make a solution with pepper powder and water. Then spray around the house where you see lizards or lizard sources.

If you don’t have time to make pepper spray, simply crush the peppers and place them in a porous bag. Then hang it in the corner. Lizards are allergic to pepper, which irritates them and causes them to avoid areas where pepper spray or powder is used.

8. Use Peacock Feathers 

A peacock feather is the best choice if you want a natural solution. Put a peacock feather in a wall or corner to keep lizards away from your home. Another option is the use scent of peacock feathers.

9. Lemongrass Essential Oil or Tea Bags

Lemongrass is another option for keeping lizards away from your home. In this method, use a lemony scent or a few pieces of lemongrass or a lemongrass tea bag and put them in random places to get rid of lizards and replace them daily.

10. Use Ice Cold Water

Another method for catching lizards is to immerse them in ice-cold water. Lizards dislike cold water and are extremely sensitive to temperature changes. Throwing ice-cold water on lizards causes them to become immobile, allowing you to trap them easily.

11. Citronella Spray

Citronella Spray has a strong odor that can help control a variety of pests, such as mosquitos and lizards. For the best results, combine water in a spray bottle with a few drops of citronella spray. Then, spray this solution in areas where lizards are common.

12. Flypaper

Another option is to use flypaper. Stick some flypaper to the wall, and you’ll find some lizards stuck to the adhesive. Then you can dispose of them quickly later.

13. Bleach

Bleach is primarily used in cleaning. However, bleach is used to remove lizards from your home! Yes, this method involves spraying a bleach solution on the infected area.

14. Red Chili Powder / Dried Red Chili

The spicy odor of chili powder will keep lizards away from your home. Simply place chili powder in a porous bag and hang it on a wall where lizards are commonly seen. Please be cautious when using this method, as it may cause a burning sensation on your skin.

15. Vinegar, Lemon, Pepper Powder, Chili Powder

Lizards will be irritated by the strong smell of lemon and vinegar. To make the lizard-killing solution, combine chili powder, black pepper, lemon juice, vinegar, and water in a mixing bowl. When your spray is ready, spray this solution directly on the lizards. This is one of the best natural lizard control techniques.

16. Mouse Trap

We are all aware that mouse traps are used to catch mice. However, mouse traps are also used to catch lizards. Place this mouse trap near where the lizards enter.

17. Carboard Box Method

Nobody wants to kill lizards. If you are one of them, this is your best option. When you see a lizard try to corner it, trap it in a box, and then go away from your house to release the lizard.

18. Get Rid of Insects

Insects are the primary reason for lizards entering our homes. If you have insects in your house, the lizards will eat them. If you can remove and get rid of insects, you can get rid of lizards.

19. Lizards Gel

There are various types of lizard gels available in the market that are used to keep lizards away. Place it in areas of the kitchen and house where lizards are mostly seen.

20. Dispose Leftover Food

This is a major reason for any pest, including lizards, to enter our home. Lizards are breaking into the house in search of food. To keep lizards away, clean up any leftover food in your home. Every night, clean your kitchen and cabinets to remove any leftover food. Also, wash wet waste bins frequently.

21. Vent Kitchen Cabinets

Kitchen cabinets are a common main source for lizards due to the damp environment they provide. As a result, keep all under-sink cabinets clean and dry. Unfortunately, it is challenging to prevent lizards from congregating in your home by repairing any leaks, pipes, or corners.

22. Electronic Pest Repelling Device

There are various types of electronic pest-repelling devices on the market. This device will assist you in removing lizards from your home.

23. Try to Reduce Room Temperature

Lizards prefer warmer temperatures because they cannot regulate their body temperature. So, try to lower the temperature in the room; simply opening the door and window will not be sufficient.

Lizards dislike cold temperatures, so try to use coolers or air conditioners to cool the room. This is an easy method of keeping lizards away from your house.

24. Indoor Plants 

This is the best option If you want to get rid of lizards in an eco-friendly manner. You can keep lizards away from your home using a specific indoor plant. Yes, this is true.

Specific plants available have a strong, pungent odor and will work particularly well in removing lizards. Japanese mint plant, pencil tree, herb of grace, peppermint plant, and Nilgiri plant are popular lizard-repellent plants.

There are a few additional methods to keep lizards away from your home.

Tips to Keep Lizard Away from House


  • Keep your house clean!
  • Put up a mosquito net or a metal screen on your windows.
  • Close all windows and doors, When not in use.
  • Fill any minor to major gaps in your home.
  • Turn off the lights in your home when you are not using them because pests are attracted to the lights, and lizards are attracted to the pests.
  • On your windows, use magnetic insect screens.
  • When you fix any furniture, keep it five to six inches away from the walls.
  • You can also raise a cat at home, if possible.
  • Check for pipe or water leaks on a regular basis.
  • Keep food and drinks from falling on the floor.


  • Do not Hang more wall frames
  • Avoid spilling food or drinks on the floor
  • Remove any standing water.
  • Regularly empty trash bin

So, if you want to eliminate lizards, keep these do’s and don’ts in mind!

Bottom Line

So, these are the methods to get rid of lizards in your home permanently. I hope you are clear of all the doubt. Now time to try this, and let us know about your experience in our comment section. Keep an eye out for more related content!

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