How To Stop Water Leakage From Roof Ceiling | Roof Ceiling Leakage Repair & Solution

Are you looking for solution of your roof ceiling leakage repair? In this article, we have discussed what is roof ceiling leakage, its causes, effects, and how to repair roof ceiling leakage effectively.

What Is Roof Or Ceiling Leakage?

A roof faces environmental conditions like rain, sunlight, and alternate wet and dry conditions. Due to harsh treatment, it needs more maintenance than the other elements of the building. In the absence of due care, a roof leakage may occur.

In continuation, roof leakage is a common problem. The water starts dripping from the roof, or it accumulates in the voids. It indicates an issue with the home’s plumbing or roof.

Further, it is critical to act quickly to prevent more damage to the roof. Consequently, even a minor leak can soon turn into a significant issue, and a larger leakage can cause significant damage to your house.


Therefore, repair the leaking roof as quickly as possible to avoid a more costly roof replacement. Lets discuss roof leakage causes and its solution.

Signs Of Roof Ceiling Leakage

A roof leakage not only causes several problems but also degrades the property value. No one expects a leaking roof when buying or renting a property. Therefore, look for the following signs of roof leakage.

1. Water Dripping From The Roof

The water ingression from the roof causes hygiene issues and degrade the internal environment. The water may be in the form of droplets or a continuous stream, depending upon the severity of leakage. The water dripping from the roof is either brown in color or colorless. It smells mildew, rotten, or nothing at all.

Water Dripping From The Roof leakage, ceiling leakage repair solution
Water Dripping From The Roof

2. Blisters

The water accumulates in the roof and causes blisters in the paint. The latex paint acts like a balloon and holds the water.

3. Peeled Off Paint

The roof paint peels off due to the water leakage. The water weakens the bond between the paint and plaster. Therefore, the paint starts to come out of the surface. The peeled-off paint creates an awful impression.

4. Discoloured Roof

A discolored roof is another sign of water leakage. The paint loses its’ colors and often becomes colorless. The water flow marks are formed over the surface.

Difference Between Roof/Ceiling Leakage And Condensation

Water droplets condensed on the roof may be due to the condensation of the water vapors. The water vapors rise to the top and come in contact with the roof. The poor ventilation of the house causes condensation. It is not a water leakage problem.

Therefore, when looking for water leakage, check all the signs—for example, water dripping, blisters, peeled-off paint, and discoloration.

Effects Of Roof Ceiling Leakage

The water leakage degrades the property value and causes diseases to the residents of the house. If you have a leaking roof, it may cause the following effects on you and the property.

  • The water leakage damages the plaster and paint. Hence, it deteriorates the overall aesthetics.
  • The water may also damage the electrical circuit. The hidden wiring in the roof and the walls may short-circuit.
  • The mildew may grow on the roof and the wall that causing unhygienic living conditions.
  • The structural integrity is compromised.
  • The regular water flow may damage the foundation that is costly to repair.

How To Stop Water Leakage From Roof Ceiling?

The roof ceiling leakage solution and repair techniques have been summarised into six steps. They are discussed below.

1. Observe The Signs

The first and foremost step to repair ceiling leakage is to observe the signs of leakage. Look for the following signs when looking for ceiling water leakage.

  • Dripping water
  • Blisters
  •  Paint peeling off the roof and walls
  • Discoloration

The observation of the above signs should include the below-given points-

  • Affected area
  • Severity
  • Urgency
  • Effects of leakage on the tiles, POP work, and electrical fittings.

Before calling an expert or starting the repair process, make sure you are not confusing the condensation with the leakage.

2. Look For The Reasons For Roof Leakage

Before deploying the corrective measures for water leakage, find the reason for leakage and repair the same. The reason for a water leakage may be one of the following:

i) Structural Crack

A roof may develop a crack for several reasons: the unfinished construction joints and ill-designed & ill-maintained expansion/contraction joints.

The excessive loads or poor material may also cause a crack in the roof. The rainwater or snow causes the water leakage through the cracks.

ii) Plumbing Leak

The leaking pipelines are a significant reason for the water leakage. The loose connections, damaged pipes, and valves leak the water that causing blistering and paint flaking.

iii) Damaged Waterproofing System

The roof waterproofing has a usable life beyond which it doesn’t serve the waterproofing purpose well. The excessive wear and tear also damages the waterproofing system, rendering it incapable of preventing water ingress into the roof.

iv) Damaged Ridge and Gutter Choke

For sheeting works, the damaged ridge allows the rainwater to drain through the vertex of the sheeting system. Also, choked and damaged gutters hinder the free flow of water. Thus, causing water accumulation and leakage through pores.

3. Drain The Leakage

After you have identified the reason for roof leakage, it is time to start the actual job.

  • Observe the affected area and plan a hole for draining the water from the ceiling. Mark the hole on the most affected part.
  • Put a bucket below the planned drainage hole and cover the floor with a tarp to avoid damaging the floor with water.
  • Make a hole in the ceiling and let the water drain into the bucket. You can use a screwdriver or a hammer to puncture the pooled water.

4. Repair The Water Source

After draining the water, check for any further signs of water ingress. Repair the water source by a suitable method. For leaking plumbing, tighten the joints to make them leakage-free. Replace the damaged pipes.

Beforehand shut off the water supplies for plumbing repair. Also, when working near the electrical wiring, make sure the electricity is cut to avoid a shock.

For leakage through structural cracks, repair the crack with chemical injection and grouting. Make a V-shaped groove on the crack. Clean it thoroughly.

Now apply a mortar, epoxy, or grout on the groove and seal the joint with it. Another method to treat the crack is to cover it with a waterproofing coating or a membrane.

If the waterproofing system has failed, call an expert to repair or replace it. The common waterproofing methods for roofs are bitumen coating, bituminous membranes, epoxy coating, polymer coating, etc.

Clean all the roof drains, so the rainwater drains without choking.

5. Remove The Damaged Parts

The fifth step of roof leakage solution is the removal of the damaged elements.

  • Get your safety goggles and safety helmet on.
  • Cut out the damaged false ceiling and measure the opening made. Replace the cut-out with a new board.
  • For damaged plaster, strike the plaster with a hammer. The damaged plaster easily falls.
  •  For removing the blistered and decolorized paint, use a sharp-edged metal plate/ sheet to rake off the paint.

6. Finish the job

The repaired elements need a finishing touch to make them appear intact. Apply the putty, distemper, and paint for finishing work. However, make sure the surface is dry before starting the finishing job.


Roof or ceiling leakage is a serious problem that needs to be repaired as soon as possible to avoid further structural damage and repair costs. So consider hiring a roof repair professional for the best results.

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