Design Procedure Of R.C.C Lintel

RCC Lintel Design Procedure:

The steps of RCC lintel design (single span or continuous with a few openings) are same as the design of a simple beam.

1. The lintel width is equal to the wall thickness.

2. Consider a suitable depth of the lintel.

3. Choose the effective span of the lintel ( consider reasonable end bearings and effective depth).


4. Let W be the aggregate weight of the masonry work encased in the triangle, in the event that conditions warrant triangular load of the workmanship on the lintel.

5. Calculate the maximum bending moment (M1) at the center of the lintel ( due to the triangular load).

M1 = Wl/6

6. Now calculate the maximum bending moment (M2) due to the self-weight (w) of the lintel per meter length.

M2 = wl^2/8

7. Total maximum bending moment at the center of the lintel is

M = M1 + M2 = Wl/6 + wl^2/8

8. Find out the effective depth (d) of the lintel by using the given formula

d = (M/Q×b)

9. Now calculate the area of steel (As)

Ast = M/t×jd

Give this zone in a type of appropriate diameter bars. Twist around 40% – 50% steel rods up at l/7 distance from lintel end.

10. Calculate maximum shear force = W/2 + wl/2

11. Finally, check the lintel in shear and development length.

12. Give 6 mm ϕ two-legged ostensible stirrups at most extreme c/c spacing of the lever arm (jd).

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