Why TMT Bars Are Better Than HYSD Bars

What Is TMT BAR:

The Full form of TMT is ‘Thermo Mechanical Treatment’ through which they are produced. TMT bars are manufactured by rolling hot steel wires and then passing them through water. TMT bars have a hard outer surface and a soft core inside, which helps in making the bars corrosion resistant and also increases their weldability.

What Is HYSD Bar:

HYSD Stands for ‘High Yielding Strength Deformed’. It is a high strength construction steel that owes its superior strength ( than mild steel) to the mechanical twisting of cold bar which forms spiral ribs. However cold twisting process results into a product with high residual stress, deformation and surface defects. In this article, I will discuss

10 Reasons Why TMT Bars Are Better Than HYSD Bars:

1. TMT bars have stronger external layer when compared with HYSD due to ductile micro-structure at the core and hard crystalline exterior surface of TMT steel.

2. TMT bars have less residual stresses and more tensile strength compared to HYSD bars.

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3. TMT bars do not surface flaws when compared with HYSD because they do not require twisting or torsional stress.

4. TMT bars have better corrosion resistant properties than HYSD bars due to rapid quenching and tempering in manufacturing process.

5. TMT bars can be used in various types of construction works such as concrete structures, bridges and flyovers, dams, thermal and hydel power plants, industrial structures, high-rise buildings, underground platforms in metro railway and rapid transport system.

6. TMT Bar consumes upto 17% to 20% less amount of steel than HYSD Bars.

7. TMT bars are earthquake resistant because of its high tensile strength and flexibility.

8. TMT bars are highly fire resistant they can absorb 400 to 600 degree Celsius of heat.

9. TMT bar gives longer life to the structure as they do not react with the concrete which helps to prevent rust other than HYSD Bars.

10. TMT Bar reduces the transportation cost and it is cost effective too.

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  1. TMT Steel Bar and CTD Steel bars are both HYSD Steel Bars. TMT(Thermo Mechanical treated) and CTD(cold twist Deformed) are the two process by which yield steps of mild steel is increased so that this can be used for structural economically.


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