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Bulk Density Of Bricks

Bulk Density Of Bricks:


To determine the bulk density of bricks.

Equipment & Apparatus For Test:

1. Oven (300°C)

2. Scale for measuring purpose.

3. Balance (0-10 kg).

Test Procedure:

1. Put a brick in the ventilated oven and dry it at a temperature of 105° – 115° C till it achieves appreciable constant mass.

2. Then cool it in room temperature and record its mass as M.

3. After that, measure the dimension of the brick and calculate its volume.


The bulk density of brick is calculated by the following formula:

Bulk Density = Mass (M) / Volume (V)


Bulk density is reported to the closest decimal place.

Safety And Precautions During Test:

1. Wear hand gloves to remove the container of brick after switching off the oven.

2. Check the electric supply carefully.

3. Clean the container thoroughly and dry it for few minutes before testing.

4. Air should not enter from outside while using the balance.

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