Handling Of Reinforcement At Site

Handling Of Reinforcement At Site:

Whatever be the size of R.C.C work, it is important to arrange a bar bending schedule before starting of handling reinforcement at the construction site.

Bar bending schedule or B.B.S is an explanatory list which contains all details relating to correct shape, diameter and dimension of each and every bar along with the bars of each shape.

Bars are sliced to the required lengths after which bent cold according to the info given in the bar bending schedule.

Before putting the bars in position within the formwork it is essential to confirm that the reinforcement is clean and free from loose rust oil, loose scale, and other coatings. This precaution is important to fulfill the criteria of making a good bond between steel and concrete for monolithic behavior.

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The reinforcement should be put and maintained in position appropriately by tying the bars at the junction with binding wire or by welding. To confirm right cover to the reinforcement small precast cover blocks of cement mortar can be used. These cover blocks are inserted underneath the reinforcement mesh and tied with binding wire before concreting. Some extra precautions should also be taken to avoid displacement of reinforcement at the time of concreting.

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