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Main Focal Points Of Civil Site Engineers

A civil engineer is a person who makes the environment more beautiful by various development activities. He is associated with all parts of development of a project.

Sometimes the drawings from design office could not be executed at site so he should give suggestions to improve. He should also take care of the following.

1. Ensure safety at site.

2. Responsibility of the whole site.

3. Always keep the site clean.

4. Have good relationship with people neighboring the site.

5. Good relationship with seniors and workers

The above said are extra qualities that a site engineer should have to become great. Besides this, he should have primary requirements to become a good site engineer.

1. Well versed with quantity surveying.

2. Ensure elevation would match plan.

3. Have basic knowledge of structural engineering.

4. Geotechnical Engineering.

5. Ensure levels of various parts of building.

6. Ensure the mix used at site is right in case of R.C.C. buildings.

7. Should be able to read drawings. Different standards are used in steel and R.C.C. buildings.

8. Sometimes site engineer might be in charge of the wages of workers also. He would be associated with huge money.

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