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Role Of A Quantity Surveyor

Role Of A Quantity Surveyor:

Quantity surveyor calculates the cost by calculating the quantity of material required for any and every activity involved in construction. He is also involved in planning and contracting related job which is mainly involved in the construction cost calculation.

The role of a quantity surveyor are listed below:

1. Estimating.

2. Cost planning.

3. Preparing, negotiating and analyzing costs for tenders and contracts.

4. Procurement advice.

5. Preparing Bill of Quantities (BOQ).

6. Monitoring Budget.

7. Preparation of Payment Invoice and certification.

8. Assessment of variations

9. Dispute resolution.

10. Preparing feasibility studies.

11. Cost control.

12. Value engineering.

13. Advice on cost limits and budgets

14. Whole life cycle costing.

15. Valuation for insurance purposes.

16. Project management.

17. Advice on contractual disputes.

18. Preparation of final account.

19. Site visits, assessments, and projections for future work.

20. Analysing completed work and arranging payment to contractors.

21. Allocating upcoming work to contractors.

Besides these, quantity surveyors may choose to specialize in a specific area of the construction industry and focus on areas like costing advice, property taxation, application to funding sources, maintenance of existing buildings, etc.

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