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Reinforcement Details In One Way Slab

One Way Slab Reinforcement:

When a slab is supported on the two different sides and the ratio of longer span to shorter span is more than 2, it will be considered as one way slab. In one way slab, one side is larger than the other one.

In one way slab, as one side is greater than the rest one, the maximum load is conveyed by the larger side just so giving main reinforcement comparing to that load conveying side will be adequate.

To provide adequate support on the bigger side, main reinforcement is given perpendicular to that side or parallel to the shorter direction. Distribution steel is provided in the longer direction, which won’t help in conveying any load.

One Way Slab Reinforcement Details:

one way slab reinforcement details

For one way slab, main reinforcement is computed by a formula (In limit state design) that is determined by comparing compressive force as well as tensile forces.

Ast = 0.5 Fck/Fu[1-1-2.6Mu/Fck.b.d]b.d

and the distribution steel is computed as

0.15% of Ag, for mild steel.

0.12% of Ag, for tor steel.

Where Ast = Area of the steel in tension.

Fu = Ultimate strength of steel.

Mu = Ultimate moment of resistance.

b = Breadth of the slab section.

d = Depth of the slab section.

Ag = Gross area of the section.

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