Types Of Loads On Structure

What Is Load?

Loads can be defined as the forces that cause stresses, deformations, or accelerations. These loads are applied to a structure or its components that cause stress or displacement. There are different types of structural loads such as dead load, live load, etc we need to consider during the design process.

Types Of Loads

The different types of loads coming on the foundation of a structure are as follows.

  1. Dead Load.
  2. Live Load
  3. Wind Load.
  4. Snow Load.
  5. Seismic Load.

1. Dead Loads

Dead loads consist of self-weight of the structure (weight of walls, floors, roofs, etc). The weight of the foundation and footings and all other permanent loads acting on the structure. These loads can be computed by finding the weights of cubical contents of the different materials used for constructing the structure.

dead load

2. Live Loads:

Live loads consist of moving or variable loads like people, furniture, temporary stores, etc. These types of loads are variable and can change over time as they depend on the usage and capacity. It is also called super-imposed load.

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live load

3. Wind Loads:

The Wind acts horizontally on the surfaces of the walls, roofs, and pitched roofs of the structure. That means it exerts uniform pressure on the structural components on which it acts and tends to disturb the stability of the structure.

wind load

The value of wind loads varies depending on several factors such as the geographical location of the structure, height of the structure, duration of wind flow etc.

4. Snow Loads:

The amount of snow load depends on various factors such as shape and size of roof structure, roofing materials, location of the structure, insulation of the structure, duration, and frequency of snow.

5. Seismic Load:

These types of loads are internal forces which act on the structure due to earthquake developed ground movements.

seismic loads
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