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Types Of Buildings

What Is Building?

A structure with walls and a roof standing more or less permanently in one place is commonly known as a building. For example a house or factory. Buildings serve several societal needs – primarily as shelter, living space, privacy & security, to store materials, workspace, etc. In this article, different types of buildings are discussed.

Types Of Buildings:

Depending upon the character of occupancy or the type of use, buildings can be classified into different categories as follows:

1. Residential Buildings:

These buildings include one or two private dwellings, apartment houses (flats), hotels, dormitories, etc.

2. Educational Buildings:

These buildings include any building used for school, college, or daycare purposes involving assembly for instruction, education, or recreation.

3. Institutional Buildings:

These buildings include any building or part which is used for medical treatment etc. Such as Hospitals, nursing homes, orphanages, sanatoria, jails, prisons, mental hospitals, etc.

4. Assembly Buildings:

These buildings may include any building or part of a building where a group of people gathers for recreation, amusement, social, religious or such types of purposes such as theaters, assembly halls, exhibition halls, restaurants, museum, club rooms, auditoria, etc.

5. Business Buildings:

These shall include any building or part of a building which is used for business transactions, keeping records of accounts, town halls, city halls, court houses, etc.

6. Mercantile Buildings:

These shall include those buildings which are used for soap, market, stores, wholesale or retail.

7. Industrial Buildings:

These types of building mainly used for manufacturing purposes. Here products or materials of all kinds and properties are fabricated, assembled, or processed, for example, gas plants, refineries, mills, dairies, etc.

8. Storage Buildings:

These buildings are generally used for the storage or sheltering of goods, wares, or merchandise like warehouses, cold storages, garages, stables, transit sheds, etc.

9. Hazardous Buildings:

These buildings include any building which is used for storage, handling, manufacture, or processing of highly combustible explosive materials or products which are liable to burn with extreme rapidly which may produce poisonous fumes, building which is used for storage, handling, or manufacturing highly corrosive, toxic, acid or other liquids or chemicals producing flame, fumes explosive, etc.

types of building

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