Various Types Of Walls

Types Of Walls:

The various types of walls are described below:

1. Load Bearing Wall:

A wall designed to carry on imposed vertical load in addition to its own weight together with any load is known as load bearing wall.

2. Partition Wall:

It is an interior non-load bearing wall. Its height may be one storey or part of one storey. Its purpose is to divide the larger space into smaller spaces.

3. Panel wall:

It is an exterior non-load bearing wall in framed construction. It remains totally supported at each storey but subjected to lateral loads.

4. cavity Wall:

A wall consists of two leaves, each leaf being built of masonry units and separated by a cavity and tied together with metal ties or bonding units to ensure that the two leaves act as one structural unit. The space between the leaves in either left as continuous cavity or filled with non-load bearing insulating and water proofing material.

5. Faced Wall:

It is a wall in which the facing and backing of two different materials are bonded together to ensure common action under load.

6. Veneered Wall:

It is a wall in which the facing is attached to the backing but not so bonded as to result in a common action under load.

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