Types Of RCC Beam

What Is RCC Beam?

Beam can be defined as a structural member which carries all vertical loads and resists it from bending. There are various types of materials used for beam such as steel, wood, aluminum etc. But the most common material is reinforced cement concrete (RCC).

Depending upon different criteria RCC beam can be of different types such as –

Depending upon shape beams can be T-beam, rectangular beam, etc.

Depending upon placement of reinforcement – singly reinforced beam, doubly reinforced beam etc.


In this article, we will discuss different types of RCC beam depending upon their supporting systems.

Types Of RCC Beam:

Depending upon their supporting system RCC beam can be classified into four categories as follows

1. Simply Supported Beam:

This beam contains only a single span which is supported by two supports at both of the ends.

2. Continuous Beam:

The beam which is supported by more than two supports and continues as straight line along its length is known as continuous beam.

3. Semi-continuous Beam:

This type of beam contains two spans with or without restraint at both ends.

4. Cantilever Beam:

This beam is supported by only one end and the other end is exposed beyond the wall/support. That means one end is fixed and the other end is opened.

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