What Is Reinforced Cement Concrete (RCC)?

What Is Reinforced Cement Concrete (RCC)?

Reinforced cement concrete is a combination of concrete and steel bars(reinforcement bars) where they carry the compressive force and tension of a structure simultaneously.

As we know that concrete is very strong in compression but weak in tension and its resistance to tension is also low. That’s why plain concrete can be used only where the member is in pure compression, but on the other hand, steel is equally strong in compression and tension.

So the combination of steel and concrete works very well and they are used to take up all the stresses. Such a combination of steel and concrete is called reinforcement cement concrete.

Advantages Of Reinforced Cement Concrete:

1. Reinforced concrete has high compressive strength.

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2. It is economical in ultimate cost.

3. It can be produced easily at the construction site.

4. Reinforced concrete has monolithic characters which gives much rigidity to the structure.

5. It is durable, fire-resistant, and almost impermeable to moisture.

6. The materials used in reinforced concrete are easily obtainable.

7. Maintenance cost of the reinforced concrete structure is almost ignorable.

8. Due to the flexibility and fluidity nature, reinforced concrete can be moulded into any desired shape.

9. It is the most useful and economical material in constructions such as footings, piers, damp, etc.

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