Vastu Tips for Homes For Better Life & Prosperity

Have you ever felt a change in your energy, behavior, health, or wealth when you changed your home? Any positive or negative impact? It might be because of your house Vastu. Wait! What does that mean? Read the complete article to know about what is Vastu shastra and get free Vastu tips for home for a better, healthy life and prosperity.

What Is Vastu Shastra?

The Vastu Shastra is an ancient Indian architectural system. The term ‘Vastu’ and ‘Shastra’ is Sanskrit word meaning house and principles, respectively.

The Vastu Shastra governs the layout, design, measurement, space arrangement, colors, and geometry for a city, buildings, and temples.

The Vastu concepts aren’t hard and offer alternatives to almost everything. They are both preventive and corrective. Hence, the same concepts apply to new construction, rehabilitation, reconstruction, or correction of existing faults.

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The faults of house architecture, as per the Vastu, are known as Vastu dosh. The Vastu-dosh negatively affects the energy and has a destructive impact on the residents.

A similar concept for harnessing positive energy by house architecture exists in Chinese culture. It is known as Feng-shui.

Let us start with the main topic for preventive Vastu tips for Homes. Suppose you have come back home from work. It was a hectic day at work. Your builder had promised you a Vastu-compliant home.

You have also made some changes as per the suggestions from a Vastu consultant. Here are the Vastu features you shall notice in each part of the home.

Vastu Tips for Homes

1. Vastu Tips For House Entrance

The entrance should be in the North to help you progress in life. The house entrance to be planned to face North, East, or North-East when you step out.

The main door Should be well-lit, and there should be no dark corners. It has a beautiful nameplate on it.

The wooden door should be strong and of good quality. It should open in a clockwise direction. The main door should be never black-colored in a Vastu-compliant house.

The main door is also the tallest and most magnificent door in the house. It also helps you create an impressive first impression on your guests. Also, you can easily bring in tall objects like almirah without worrying about its’ height.

There should not be a water body like a pool or a foundation near the main entrance. Neither are there photos or statues of any animal.

You can keep a shoe rack at the main door, so you don’t bring your shoes in the house.

If you have an urgent need to use the toilet, you will have to run across as there isn’t a toilet near the main entrance.

vastu shastra tips for house entrance
Entrance Positions For A House

2. Vastu Tips For Bed Room

Your master bedroom should be in the South-West of the house. As per Vastu shastra the master bedroom in South-West brings you good health and prosperity.

The South-West bedroom sparks argument among the couple, and the North-West bedroom causes health issues.

Your bed should be west facing. Ensure that your bed doesn’t connect to the bathroom or toilet wall. Also, there is no beam directly above your bed.

Keep a mirror on the North or West wall. No mirror or TV is facing your bed. Your reflection disturbs your harmonious relationship when you are in bed.

The neutral-colored paint is on the bedroom walls. Dark shades harness negative energy.

You don’t have any water body like an aquarium, foundation, etc., in bed. Neither, there is any plant. The bedroom almirah faces the North direction, and the cash box is in the South.

vastu tips for bedroom

3. Vastu Tips For Living Room

Since we spend more time in a living room, the things here have to be Vastu shastra compliant. Few things that you cherish in a lining room have the following Vastu features.

As your main entrance is in the North and connects to the living room, the living room is also in the North. The living rooms in North, East, and North-East directions are preferable. The North-west living room is also good.

If you are wondering why you have been entertaining many guests. It is because you likely have your living room in the South-West. The South-West living room invites too many guests.

Keep the electronic appliances in the South-East section. and the mirror on the North-Wall.

You can keep a happy picture of your family in the North-East corner of the living room. Also, images in the living room don’t depict war or violence. The photos or paintings in the living room should make you and your guests feel happy and safe.

Place the heavy furniture in the West or South-West. If you notice, the furniture is in the diagonally opposite direction of the living room entrance. Of course, you would not like to bump into furniture when entering the living room.

vastu tips for livingroom
Living Room Locations in a House as per Vastu Shastra

4. Vastu Tips For Kitchen

Here are some vastu tips for kitchen you should follow:

Your kitchen should be located in the South-East or North-West direction. The cooking platform should be East facing, the gas burner is in the South-East, and the sink is in North-East.

The drinking water is in the North-East of the kitchen and groceries in the South and West direction.

The cooking counter is clean, and you never keep it untidy overnight. Keeping dirty utensils overnight is not good. It attracts negative energy.

The kitchen appliances are in the South-East direction.

 The kitchen walls are light pink with a shade of yellow. Peach and brown are also good to brighten up the area. Avoid shades of black and red.

Kitchen Position As Per Vastu

5. Vastu Tips For Bathroom & Toilet

The position of bathroom and toilet is also an important. The location must be vastu shastra compliment. Vastu tips for toilet and bathroom are as follows:

The bathroom and toilet must be separate. The attached bathroom and toilet aren’t Vastu compliant. However, in the case of space constraint, North-West or South direction is suitable for an attached bathroom and toilet.

The bathroom should be in the North (North-West is also ok) direction. South-East and South-West are the worst directions for your bathroom. It affects your health negatively.

Keep the toilet area slightly higher than the nearby area, and the seat is on the South wall. The west wall is also ok for the toilet seat.

The windows/ventilators needs to be in North-East and open outwards. They are necessary for the proper airflow from inward to outward.

Keep the mirror in the bathroom is on the North or East wall at a level of your height (ideally 4-5 feet). The mirror should not reflect you when on the toilet seat. It should also be crack-free.

The North, East, or North-East wall is for the shower.

The bathroom doors should be wooden and fixed firmly, and remain closed. It is necessary to keep the bathroom, and toilet doors closed at all times. It prevents the negative energy flow to your living/bedroom area.

Paint the internal bathroom walls using brown and white paint. The black, dark blue or red paint is not a good choice.

The taps and water storage area should be in the North, East, or North-East direction. The bathroom doesn’t have any expired toiletry. The towel must be clean, and toilet paper is in proper place.

Vastu shastra tips for bathroom and toilet
Bathroom & Toilet As Per Vastu

6. Vastu Tips For Pooja Room

The pooja room should be in the north direction. Alternatively, East and North-East are also good directions for a pooja room.

The idols in the pooja room should not face the door and neither the east.

For multiple floors, never make a pooja room below a toilet. Also, avoid the pooja room in the basement.

Only keep the worship-related items in the pooja room and remove the unnecessary stuff.

General Tips For Vastu Compliance

A Vastu-compliant house has more features other than the points mentioned above.

1. The house layout and rooms have straight lines and perpendicular corners. The square or rectangular houses and rooms are preferred. Avoid curved walls and corners.

2. The corners of the house are perfect, i.e., there isn’t any cut or distortion in the corner. The South-West facing homes are not recommended.

3. The house should be well-aerated. The ventilation allows the free flow of air that reduces humidity, insect infestation, and positive energy.

4. Keep a Tulsi plant in the North-East direction, and avoid a cactus plant in the home.

5. Do not have a water closet, in the toilet, above or under the pooja room, fire or bed.

6. Keep the water tank in the West or South-West and on a raised platform.

7. Avoid toilets in the center, North-East or South-West corners of the home.

8. Never locate an attached toilet South-East or South-West corner.

9. The staircase should move up in a clockwise manner. Avoid spiral staircase.

10. A septic tank locates on a North-West of a house, and it should not touch the house wall.

11. Avoid septic tank on Southside of the toilet.

12. Never store water or install taps in South-West or South-East.


The general and most prominent Vastu features have been covered in this article. Vastu Shastra is a vast field. The Vastu features used nowadays have been derived from multiple scriptures.

The article explored the preventive measures that need to be taken care of during construction. The corrective Vastu measures may or may not need the architectural changes.

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