1000 Sq. Ft House Construction Quantity Estimation & Cost

1000 Sq. Ft House Construction Quantity Estimation & Cost

House construction is a dream come true for any person. It has an emotional cost as well as a financial cost. The article explains the complete estimation and costing for a 1000 square feet house.

Layout Description

The plot is 25’x40’ in size. The house has the following features-

Master Bedroom with attached WC11’ x 12’
Bedroom11’ x 11’2”
Kitchen9’7” x 8’3”
Living Room15’2” x 11’2”
Bathroom4’ x 5’10”
WC4’ x 4’
Front Porch10’6” x 12’
1000 Sq. Ft House Construction
1000 Sq. Ft House Plan
Source: dk3dhomedesign.com

Estimation Of Excavation

A foundation constructed on a firm stratum. The minimum depth for a foundation is 3’.

The construction is to be carried out by mechanical means like a backhoe or an excavator. The excavation is carried out individually for each footing. Also, an extra 2’ has been excavated on all the sides of footing for the working space.

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The house is built on 14 Nos. isolated rectangular footings of size 4’ x 5’ at 5’ depth from the NGL.

The excavation length for each footing = 4’+2*2’ = 8’

The excavation width for each footing = 5’+2*2’ = 9’

The excavation is done till the bottom of PCC (thickness of PCC is 4”) = 5’+4” = 5’4” =5.33’

ItemNos.Length (ft)Width (ft)Depth (ft)Quantity (cft)Quantity (cum)
Footing Excavation14895.335372.64152.16

Note:1 cum = 35.31 cft.

Estimation Of Sub Structure Work

The substructure work includes PCC, reinforcement, shuttering, and concreting work of the foundation, column, and plinth beam.

PCC Calculation

Laying plain cement concrete on the excavated soil is good. It provides a leveled surface for the foundation reinforcement. The grade of PCC is M10.

The PCC thickness is 4” (=0.33’). An offset of 2” on either side of the footing is maintained.

Length for PCC = 4’+2*2” = 4’4” = 4.33’

Width for PCC = 5’+2*2” = 5’4” = 5.33’

ItemNos.Length (ft)Width (ft)Depth (ft)Quantity (cft)Quantity (cum)
Footing Excavation144.335.330.33106.623.02

RCC Calculation

The grade considered in the example for reinforced cement concrete is M20. It is the minimum grade of concrete to be used for the RCC.

Foundation thickness = 2’

Columns = 14 Nos. of size 1’ x 1’

Depth of Column for Substructure = (NGL – Top of Foundation) = (0- (-3’)) = 3’

Plinth Beam Size = 1.5’ x 2’

Plinth Beam Total Length = 104’ (as calculated from the layout)

ItemNos.Length (ft)Width (ft)Depth (ft)Quantity (cft)Quantity (cum)
Columns up to NGL14111140.40
Plinth Beam1041.523128.84
Total    102629.06

Reinforcement Calculation

Assuming nominal reinforcement as follows-

The density of steel = 7850 kg per cum

ItemConcrete Quantity (cum)Reinforcement (%)Reinforcement (kg)
Columns up to NGL0.401.547.1
Plinth Beam8.841.2832.73
Total  2124.53

Shuttering Calculation

Side shuttering for 1 footing = 2 x (Length + Width) x Depth

Side shuttering for 1 Column = 2 x (Length + Width) x (Plinth bottom – Foundation top)

Side shuttering for 1 Plinth Beam = 2 x (Length x Depth)

ItemNos.Length (ft)Width (ft)Depth (ft)Quantity (sqft)Quantity (sqm)
Columns up to NGL14111565.20
Plinth Beam104241638.66
Total    1228114.12

Note:1 sqm = 10.76sqft.

Estimation Of Backfilling

After completing the substructure work, the foundation pits are backfilled with the soil. The backfilled soil is compacted with adequate watering as per the requirement.

Backfill Quantity = (Excavation Quantity– PCC Poured– RCC Poured in Sub Structure)

ItemExcavation Quantity (cum)PCC (cum)RCC (cum)Backfill Quantity (cum)

Estimation Of Flooring

Flooring is assumed to be of PCC at the plinth level for the entire plot.

Flooring thickness = 4” =0.33’

Flooring PCC Quantity = Plot Area x PCC thickness

ItemNos.Length (ft)Width (ft)Depth (ft)Quantity (cft)Quantity (cum)

Estimation Of Superstructure Work

The superstructure work includes columns, beams, and slab work.

RCC Calculation

Columns = 14 Nos. of size 1’ x 1’

Slab top level from NGL = 10’

Slab thickness = 5” = 0.42’

Height of Column for Superstructure = (Top of Slab – Slab thickness – NGL) = (10 – 5” – 0) = 9’5” = 9.42’

Floor Beam Size = 1.5’ x 2’

Floor Beam Total Length = 104’ (as calculated from the layout)

ItemNos.Length (ft)Width (ft)Height (ft)Quantity (cft)Quantity (cum)
Floor Beams1041.523128.84
Total    863.8824.46

Reinforcement Calculation

The reinforcement calculation for superstructure work is as follows-

ItemConcrete Quantity (cum)Reinforcement (%)Reinforcement (kg)
Floor Beams8.841.2832.73
Total  2205.30

Shuttering Calculation

The reinforcement calculation for superstructure work is as follows-

Side shuttering for 1 Column = 2 x (Length + Width) x (Slab bottom –Plinth level)

Side shuttering for 1 Floor Beam = 2 x (Length x (Beam Depth – Slab thickness))

Side shuttering for Slab= 2 x (Length + Width) x Thickness

ItemNos.Length (ft)Width (ft)Height (ft)Quantity (sqft)Quantity (sqm)
Floor Beams1041.58328.6430.54
Total    1276.16118.60

Bottom shuttering for 1 Floor Beam = Length x Width

Bottom shuttering for Slab= Length x Width

ItemNos.Length (ft)Width (ft)Height (ft)Quantity (sqft)Quantity (sqm)
Floor Beams1041.515614.50
Total    1156107.44


The finishing works include brickwork, plaster, and painting.


The brickwork is 4.5” for all the walls.

The brick size is as per the Indian standard, i.e., 190 mm x 90 mm x 90 mm.

Total wall length = 190.25 (as calculated from layout)

Wall height = Floor Beam Bottom – Plinth Level = 8’ – 0 = 8’

ItemNos.Length (ft)Thickness (ft)Height (ft)Quantity (sqft)Quantity (sqm)
4.5” Brickwork190.2581522141.45
Door D-157-35-3.25
Door D1-636.5-117-10.87
Door D2-31.56.5-29.25-2.72
Window W-144-16-1.49
Window W1-243-24-2.23
Window W2-233-18-1.67
Ventilator V-221.5-6-0.56
Total    1276.75118.66


Plaster is a mortar coat over RCC and brickwork. It removes the surface roughness and undulations. Moreover, it provides a smooth surface for putty and paint.

The plaster considered in this example is for slabs and walls.

Wall Plaster (internal & external both) = 2 x Wall Area

Slab Plaster = Length x Width

ItemNos.Length (ft)Width (ft)Height (ft)Quantity (sqft)Quantity (sqm)
Total    3553.50329.35


Painting is required on the plasterwork.

Painting = Plaster = 3553.50 sqft

Abstract Of Quantities

The abstract of quantities is the summary of all the elements of the house.

Sr. No.ParticularUnit of MeasurementQuantity
10Doors & WindowsSqm22.79

Rate of Items

The item rates are considered as per the CPWD Schedule of rates for Delhi, 2021. The prices take the current inflation into account.

Sr. No.ParticularUnit of MeasurementRate per Unit
1Excavation including material disposal up to 50 m leadCum286.85
2Backfilling including watering & compactionCum210.60
3PCC (M-10)Cum6833.40
6RCC (M-20)Cum8364.20
7Brickwork in 1:4 mortarSqm1018.05
8Plaster12 mm thick in 1:4 mortarSqm294.85
9Painting including putty & 2 coat paintSqm245.00
10Doors & WindowsSqm2682.05

Cost Of House

The cost of the house is calculated by multiplying the quantity of items by their respective rates.

Sr. No.ParticularUnit of MeasurementQuantityRateAmount
10Doors & WindowsSqm22.792682.0561,123.92
ASub Total   15,37,982.17
 Add 25% for MEP   3,84,495.54
BGrand Total   1922477.71

Material Statement

The material requirement is calculated as per the standard ratios for PCC, RCC, brickwork, and plaster.

 UnitPCC (M10)RCC (M20)Brickwork (1:4)Plaster (1:4)Total
10 mm AggregateCum4.517.722.2
20 mm AggregateCum6.7526.5533.30
BricksNos.  68256825

The material statement is standard. However, for planning and procurement purposes, wastages shall be added extra.


The cost of 1000 square feet house for the given layout is INR Nineteen lakhs twenty-two thousand four hundred seventy-seven. The cost of the house is as per the 2021 rates for Delhi.

It can be reduced by minimizing the material specifications as all the materials considered are high grade. Further, the local labor deployed for the job may result in further savings.

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