6 Popular Types Of Gates Used In Homes

Your home must be safe and secure, so a solid gate is always required. Residential gates not only serve as an entrance to a home but also as the first line of defense against trespassers and stray animals.

These gates can also be used to define territory and borders. Aside from their function, gates also increase the aesthetic value of your house. In this article, we will explain the different types of gates you can incorporate at your home. 

What Is a Gate?

A gate is an entrance to any restricted place that simultaneously serves as a barrier to the outside world. A gate or gateway is a point of entry into or out of a space surrounded by walls.

It can give you more control over who enters the zone and who does not. It is generally similar to a “door” but for the outside.

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What Is the Importance of a Gate?

A gate provides various benefits in addition to giving entrance, which is stated below:


With the rising frequency of community thefts, you cannot risk your family’s safety. Having a suitable gate can reduce the likelihood of break-ins and crimes.

Your Property Is Marked: 

A fence gate marks the beginning of your domain and stops visitors and animals from entering.


If you have an external gate built, you do not have to give up your quiet time with your family. Keeping it closed can reduce bystanders’ direct views.

Enhances Visual Appeal: 

The exterior of your property can be enhanced with a stunning gate design that blends in with the rest of the theme of your house.

Types of Gates

There are different variations available in the market depending on their application. Here are the basic types of gates, along with their characteristics:

1. Sliding Gate

Sliding gates are the most popular types of gates used in homes. Sliding gates are light in weight and manufactured such that anyone can open them just by sliding them.

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One of the most important features of its design is that it opens sideways, which saves a lot of room. As a result, for homes with limited space, a sliding gate is the best solution. Another variation of this idea is automatic sliding gates.


It provides enhanced safety and security.

It takes up less room.

Lightweight and easy to use.

Damage susceptibility of such type of gate is less under high-wind loading circumstances.

Sliding gates look very nice in front gardens and are an excellent way to protect your driveway.


Sliding gates are noisier because they have more moving parts. 

The track of the sliding gates must be cleaned regularly.

Because of the side panel, sliding gates are more expensive to install.

2. Vertical Pivot Gate

Vertical pivot gates open in an upward direction to allow vehicles to pass through. You don’t need extra space to open them, which saves a lot of floor space. They integrate quite simply and open automatically when the sensors detect a vehicle nearby.

Source: archello.com

The ease of installation of pivot gates eliminates the requirement for highly qualified installers.

It saves a lot of floor space because it opens vertically and does not require extra space to open.

The action of opening and closing is quick.

They are ideal for residences that require high security.

Vertical pivot gates have low maintenance and repair costs.


The issue with this type of gate installation is that the gate operator must remain present.

Installing a vertical pivot gate is significantly more expensive.

3. Swing Gate

A swing gate opens similarly to a door with vertical hinges. Swing gates improve the appearance of your property. Initially, these gates had similar designs, but now there is a huge variation.

These gates require enough floor space to open, which could be an issue if your property is next to the pavement. This sort of gate requires enough space for the gates to swing open without colliding with anything.

Before installing a swing gate, measure and mark your driveway to ensure there is enough space between your cars or driveway and where the gate opens. If the gate is too close to a pedestrian walkway, a swing gate is probably not the ideal option.


The main advantage of swinging gates, especially manual gates, is their low maintenance requirements. Swing gates work without the use of a motor or electronics.

Swing gates can be opened in either direction, making it easier for people and vehicles to enter from either direction.

Swing gates are often the less expensive option.

They are less expensive to install since they have fewer moving parts and require less setup at the fence’s edge without a floor track.


Swing gates may not be an option if your driveway is short due to the additional space required within the entrance. To open inward, the gates must have plenty of space behind them.

It is more difficult to fit them on a slope.

They are less secure and more vulnerable to wind damage than sliding gates.

4. Retractable Gate

Retractable gates are ideal for areas with limited floor space since they can be folded and stored. These gates are less expensive, give superior security, and create a stylish statement.

Retractable gates are excellent when you need a quick way to confine children or dogs in an area without putting up a permanent barrier. Such gates are less expensive yet give adequate security to the area where they are installed.

Source: minebizs.com

For your convenience, just one side of the shutter can be opened at a time. As a result, you will not have to open the door.

A retractable gate can be opened halfway or completely. 

This one is significantly lighter than other solid gates.

It offers more protection against thieves, hooligans, and other burglars.


Because of this gate, more dust accumulates in the guiding channel. It becomes progressively harder to open.

If this gate is not operated appropriately, the steel channels may break.

More lubrication is required. As a result, it is not completely maintenance-free.

Retractable gates require more maintenance, as they have to be painted over a regular period of time. They corrode faster when exposed to direct sunlight or rain.

5. Automatic Gate

The expense of engaging humans to operate the gates is reduced by using automatic gates. These gates work by issuing a gate pass to anyone accessing the property for the first time. These gates are way too expensive, but you will save money on additional personnel once built.

These gates usually are connected to the main power line, but their battery allows them to operate without interruption. They are typically installed where high security is required and high traffic is expected.


An automatic gate can be outfitted with a passcode or a card reader. These solutions have the potential to improve access control.

Gate automation improves security. Because you can control who enters your property, you can limit the risk of crimes such as destruction and theft.

An automated security gate may increase the value of your home by improving its curb appeal and security.


Electric entryway installation necessitates a large financial expenditure, from acquiring the gate to installing it. 

The automatic security gate relies heavily on electricity. This indicates that as you lose power, your gate does as well.

4. Pedestrian Gate

If your residence is only accessible by foot, pedestrian gates are the finest option. Pedestrian gates can be swinging, folding, or accordion-style, and they are typically 36 to 40 inches wide, so plan on creating a single-file queue if many individuals need to enter the property.

Pedestrian gates can be opened manually or electronically using a keypad. Some smart home technologies, such as a smart garage door opener, will allow you to open the gate using an app on your smartphone.

  • This type of gate allows for easier sidewalk access.
  • Pedestrian gate provides enhanced privacy without limiting accessibility.
  • It provides increased security against foot traffic. 
  • They are more expensive.
  • Pedestrian gate requires more installation space.


Choosing and installing a proper gate requires a significant investment of money, time, and energy. All of the gates mentioned above types have unique qualities and benefits.

After determining exactly what you require, consult with skilled professionals for installing such gates. Hope you have gained a clear understanding of the different types of gates used in homes.

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