Advantages Of Irrigation System

What Is Irrigation?

Irrigation is an artificial water supplying method to the field for nourishing and fulfilling water demand of crops. In irrigation system, water is directly supplied to the crops for increasing the quality and production of crops.

Advantages Of Irrigation System:

The various advantages of an irrigation system are as following:

1. Insufficient rainfall causes water deficiency in crops. Irrigation helps to eliminate the deficiency of water and improves in the production of crops.

2. It makes people prosperous and enhances their living standard.

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3. National cash flow and general development of the country are also increased.

4. It enables a new mode of communication. Long irrigation canals can be suitably used for communicational and navigational purposes.

5. A Large amount of water of an irrigation canal can be used for producing hydroelectric power.

6. As crop production increases, the value of land automatically increases.

7. The water table of the ground increases and improves ground water storage.


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  1. Yes, there are many benefits of irrigation system. I’m completely agree with the benefits mentioned in the blog. Irrigation systems are very beneficial specially where there is a shortage of water.


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