Standard Dining Room & Table Sizes

When planning to create a dining place in your house, it’s always important that you get the right sized dining table for your dining room. The size of dining room and table depend on several factors such as number of person to seat around the table, shape of the table etc. The size of the dining room should be decent so that people have sufficient space for sitting as well as walking around the table to get in and get out of the room.

Dining Table Clearance And Table Height:

No matter what shape your table is, 30″ to 36″ spacings should be given between table and wall on all sides.

The table should be high enough so that there is enough clearance space available above the knees of a person. To be able to dine comfortably the table should not be too high or too low. The standard height of dining table is 28″ to 36″ from the floor to the table surface. The distance between table and chair should be 7″, 2 feet chair seat height from floor, 1 feet from chair seat to the top of the table.

Standard Sizes Of Dining Rooms And Dining Tables:

2 Seater4 Seater6 Seater8 Seater10 Seater12 Seater
Room Sizes8’x8′10’x8’10”12’x9′14’x9′16’x9′18’x10′
Round TableMin 2’6″
Ideal 3ft
Min 3ft
Ideal 4ft
Min 4’6″
Ideal 5ft
Min 5ft
Ideal 6ft
Min 7 ft
Ideal 8ft
Min 8ft
Ideal 9ft
Rectangale / Oval Table2×2’6″
(61×76 cm)
(122×91 cm)
(183×91 cm)
(244 x 110 cm)
(305 x 120 cm)
(366 x 135 cm)
Square Table2’6″3′-5′4′-6′6ft7ft8ft

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