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What Is Door?

The door is a solid barrier or structure used for opening and closing an entrance or providing access to different rooms. The mechanism for opening and closing the door can be either revolving, sliding, folding, swinging, etc. In this article, we will discuss standard door sizes and door frame sizes.

Significance Of Door

The door is an essential building component that serves various purposes, like providing an excellent aesthetical look to the home, and plays a vital role in house security and privacy, which helps block or allow particular individuals.

One must consider a type of door based on its features like durability, heat, water resistance, security, etc. Usually, doors are used in the main entrance and bedrooms, bathrooms, drawing room, etc.

But not all door sizes are the same, as different rooms have different door sizes, Which are clearly explained below.

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Standard Size Of Doors

Based on the door placement, it can be classified into two types Exterior doors and interior doors. These exterior and interior standard doors size may vary from country to country.

The door’s size can be designed based on requirements, but it is mentioned that 42 inches wide by 80 inches tall and thickens various types of door is used for standard main door size.

While the interior standard door size is 36 inches wide and 80 inches tall. The standard size may vary for the main entrance door if one chooses double-opening or swinging doors.

Standard Exterior Door Size In Different Units

  • Exterior door size in feet – 6ft 8in (Height) X 3ft 6in (Width)
  • Exterior door size in cm – 207 cm (Height) X 110 cm (Width)

Standard Interior Door Size In Different Units

  • Interior door size in feet – 6ft 8in (Height) X 3ft (Width)
  • Interior door size in cm – 207 cm (Height) X 91 cm (Width)

Standard Width Of Doors

The width of a door is not particularly fixed as modern house designs adapt different widths. But for a typical house door width of the interior door can be 32″ and for external doors can be 36″.

These are the standard or minimum widths given while considering the sufficient space to enter or exit an individual or resident.

Standard Height Of Doors

Usually, while providing door height, many factors are considered: Place, Purpose, Interior, or Exterior. Even Door heights are different for commercial and residential buildings.

Usually, standard door height ranges from 80″ to 96″, which is sufficient for an average height person to enter or exit. The standard door height in India is considered as 7ft.

Standard Door Size Around Different Countries

Standard Door Size In The USA

The standard door size in the USA for interior door is 30″ x 80″ inches or 762 x 2032 mm, while exterior doors 36″ x 80″ or 910 x 2030 mm.

Commonly Some different door sizes are adapted like 24″ x 80″, 28″ x 80″, 32″ x 80″, 36″ x 80″. Or 610 x 2032 mm, 711 x 2032 mm, 813 x 2032 mm, 914 x 2032 mm.

Standard Door Size In The United Kingdom (UK)

While in the UK, the Door size varies from different sizes based on requirements, design, and purpose they serve. Most commonly, the door size in the UK is 30″ X 78″ or 762 X 1981 mm.

While one can consider different standard size like as 24” X 78”, 27” x 78”, 30” x 78”, 33” x 78”, 34” x 78”, 36” x 84” or 610 x 1981 mm, 686 x 1981 mm, 762 x 1981 mm, 838 x 1981 mm, 864 x 2083 mm, 915 x 2143 mm.

Standard Door Size In India

The common door sizes adapted in India is 31″ x 80″ for interior doors and 39″ x 80″ for exterior doors. While some other doors are also adapted based on design requirements like 26″ x 80″, 35″ x 80″ or 650 x 2045 mm, 900 x 2045 mm.

Standard Door Size In South Africa

Most commonly, the door size used in South Africa is 32″ x 80,” but based on one requirement, location design can vary from 30″ X 80″ inches to 47″ X 80″ inches or 762 X 2032 mm to 1200 X 2032 mm. 

The exterior doors are mostly wider than the internal doors, but the standard size for both is 32″ x 80″ inches.

Coming to the height of the door, it varies as the average height in South Africa is different. Door height ranges from 6’8″ to 8″ ft. One can choose between these based on the requirement.

Standard Door Size In Australia

The standard door size adopted in Australia is 32″ x 80″ or 820 x 2040 mm. Apart from these, other sizes like 20″ x 80″, 24″ x 80″, 28″ x 80″, 30″ x 80″, 34″ x 80″, 36″ x 80″.

Different Types Of Door Sizes

1. Entrance Door

Entrance doors can be single doors or double doors based on design requirements.

Single Door Size

80″ x 30″2,032 x 762 mm
80 x 32″2,032 x 813 mm
80″ x 36″2,032 x 914 mm
80″ x 42″2,032 x 914 mm

Double Door Size

HeightTotal widthWidth of each wing/door

2. Interior Door

Single Interior Door Size


Double Interior Door Size

HeightTotal widthWidth of each wing/door

Standard Size Of Door Frame

The door frame is a solid framework that supports the door, including jambs, head, and sill. The door size does not include the size of the door frame; one must consider it separately.

The most common standard size of door frame used is 82″ x 40″. The most common way to determine the door frame size is explained below.

Standard Door Frame Sizes

For Width

The total width of the door frame = 2 x width of the door frame + width of the door. 

For Height

The total height of the door frame = width of the door frame + height of the door.

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