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Advantages Of Pert And CPM – Project Management

PERT and CPM are two essential techniques used in project management. In our previous article, we have already discussed the difference between PERT & CPM. In this article, we will discuss various advantages of PERT & CPM. Let’s get started.

Advantages Of Pert And CPM:

The various advantages of PERT/CPM methods are summarized below.

1. In the network technique of planning and scheduling, one is compelled to examine the complete project in advance and interact with everyone who is to be involved in the project thereby evolving a workable plan of the project. One is also forced to decide upon the extent of splitting of the project into smaller activities and to establish logical relationship between different activities.

2. It helps in dividing activities function wise and responsibility wise which makes it possible to co-ordinate the works of different agencies involved in the completion of the project.

3. It enables one to determine reasonably correct schedule for the completion of different events and the project as a whole based on the availability of resources (i.e. men, material, money and machines etc.)

4. It permits one to take advance actions and timely decisions to reduce delays in completion of different events.

5. It permits greater flexibility in having optimum utilization of resources thereby effecting economy.

6. It identifies activities critical to different stages of projects completion which in turn enables the management to pay greater attention to fewer activities instead of concentrating on all activities at all times with equal emphasis.

7. It enables one to exercise effective control on the project by way of periodic review and to adopt timely corrective measures to minimize slippage in the completion of the project.

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