Architectural Symbols For Doors, Windows, Kitchen, Plumbing, Sanitary Fittings, & Building Materials

What Is an Architectural Symbol?

All engineering drawings include a particular way of representation. The representation can be done by using specific symbols representing the element to be built in that particular place or area. These symbols provide a visual model of the structure to be constructed.

Like other engineering drawings, Architecture drawings also include some symbols that help give an easy presentation of the project to non-technical persons or clients.

These architectural symbols are necessary and must be included in the architectural drawing as they are easy to understand. So in this article, we have rounded up various architectural symbols used in construction.

Different Architectural Symbols

1. Door Symbols In Architecture Drawing

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We know that 99% of the structures built require doors at their entry/exit point, and doors are the main elements of the structure that play a vital role in individual privacy and security. 

So, it is essential to specify the position of the door in the drawing using door symbols. Door symbols help the workers, contractors, or clients understand where doors will be located in the building.

The below-given door symbols are commonly used in architectural drawings to represent the door position in the structure.

2. Window Symbols In Architecture Drawing

Like doors, windows are the second most crucial element in the building, which play an essential role in the ventilation and security of the house or building. 

Using window symbols in architectural drawings gives an idea of where they will be positioned and what type of windows will be installed.


3. Wall Symbols In Architecture Drawing

It is necessary to assign door symbols in architectural drawings because the project involves the construction of different types of walls with different designs, such as the main wall, parapet wall, compound wall, and other decorative walls. 

So, each wall must be represented with a particular symbol showing the type of material and design used during construction.

Below are some wall symbols that represent what type of material to use to construct the wall; materials are represented using patterns such as brick, sand, concrete, gravel, rock, swamp, and fence. Refer to the below image.


4. Kitchen Elements Symbols In Architecture Drawing

The kitchen includes several elements, from a cabinet to a washbasin which must be mentioned in the architecture drawing using Kitchen Elements symbols to avoid future problems.

These architectural symbols help in visual representation and help decide the space or the area for a particular element.

These kitchen element symbols include cabinets, electric range, washbasin, refrigerator, gas range, sink, etc.


5. Sanitary Fitting & Plumbing Symbols In Architecture Drawing

Sanitary fittings are an essential element of a structure as they help keep the area hygienic. Sanitary fitting includes Hand washbasins. Sinks (glazed or stainless-steel sinks), Bathtubs., Water closets, Urinals, and Flushing cisterns.

These sanitary fitting positions must be mentioned in the architecture drawing using Sanitary fittings symbols. Using these architectural symbols will make it easier to understand the drawing and execute it properly without any confusion.

6. Landscape Symbols In Architecture Drawing

Landscape symbols are architectural symbols that help to represent the landscape view of the buildings; landscape includes the representation of the building surroundings such as lawns, gardens, trees, patios, etc.

Below are some of the landscape symbols commonly used in architecture drawing to represent the building landscape.

7. Building Material Symbols In Architecture Drawing

Building materials symbols represent the type of material used for the construction or installation of particular structure elements.

Building materials such as brick, steel, bronze, plastic, aluminum, cement, concrete, sand, wood, etc., are usually represented using specific patterns, as shown in the below image.

Using these building materials symbols gives clear instructions to the contractor on what type of material or pattern to be used during the construction.

Table 10-1: Building Material Symbols

8. Service Symbols In Architecture Drawing

Service symbols are used to represent building services like rainwater outlets, passive vents, boiler flue, soil vent pipes, water inlets, outlets, etc.

Using service symbols in architecture Drawing gives clear instructions on where and what service elements to install.

9. Lighting Symbols In Architecture Drawing

These symbols are used to represent the type of lighting to be installed. There are many lights based on their placement area, such as indoor lights, outdoor lights, decorative lights, etc.

Specifying a particular Lighting symbol will be easier to understand the drawing and execute it properly without any confusion.

10. Furniture Symbols In Architecture Drawing

Furniture symbols are used in architecture drawing to represent the design layout of furniture placements in the living room, dining hall, bedroom, kitchen, etc. Furniture symbols include sofa, chair, table, bar counter, couch, stool, etc.


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